OG Kush
Always stoned to the bone, OG Kush doesn't need to brag! This hardcore Indica kicks ass with lethal power, killer effects and smokin' hot finishes. Get OG Kush and do what you do best!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Black Dominia X OG Kush
  • Indica Dominant
  • High Power & Early Finishes
  • Buy OG Kush Today!
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Don't You Deserve the Same Smoke Rap-Stars & Celebrities Demand?

As the most highly sought-after Indica on the planet, OG Kush needs no introduction! A West Coast delicacy and celebrity favourite, this hardcore strain has earned a stellar reputation as the most expensive weed in the world - and it's totally worth it!

OG Kush is a deeply physical feminized seed with powerful effects that'll knock you flat if you're not careful. Definitely not for the lightweight, this stunning strain is stoned to the bone with THC levels that race past the 15% mark right into 20% territory!

  • Black Domina X OG Kush - True Playas!
  • Lethal Power - 15% THC or More
  • High-Caliber Quality - A Real Killer
  • 7-9 Week Finish - Smokin'

As a bona fide original gangsta', The Rhino has a definite connection with OG Kush Seeds. You don’t want to know exactly what he does to keep these beans rolling in like clockwork. It isn't pretty, but they're sooo worth it!

We're totally stoked about this feminized seed, and we know you will be, too! But don't take our word for it. Get OG Kush and do what you do best!

Even though it ruins our day to rain on your parade, we have no choice but to remind you of the legal issues surrounding cannabis seeds. Our OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds are intended to be used solely as dormant souvenirs. Any germination or cultivation is strictly illegal and can land you in the slammer with some real gangstas - and no one wants that!

Recommended Indoor
Recommended Outdoor
Flowering Time
7-9 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Sativa / Indica Mix
Cannabis Genetics
Black Domina x OG Kush

Ready to buy OG Kush Cannabis Seeds? The only thing smarter than this choice is getting them right here at Rhino Seeds where we put your needs first! The Rhino always treats every member of his happy herd to extra-low prices, the most discreet deliveries and an exceptional online experience.

And after you buy OG Kush, we'll be there if you have any problems! Remember ever single cannabis seed that flies out our doors is backed by the Rhino's unconditional guarantee.

This is the shizzle fo sho - my brotha you have to try this or you're no G! Honestly, great seeds!
Rasta Baby - 13 July 2012 19:33:48
Only problem is I want more and more and more!
Green Thumb - 13 July 2012 19:35:16
Truly amazing. Had only heard about this before. Now I know what I was missing.
OG Lover - 13 July 2012 19:35:52
These were a pleasure to collect! No problems whatsoever.
Kool Breeze - 13 July 2012 19:36:46
Everyone wanted to know what my new lovelies were, but I'm not telling. gotta keep that edge
James - 13 July 2012 19:37:29
10/10 love the og kush would recomend to every 1 its a must have words cant describe it you realy must try. peace
mr.peng - 26 July 2012 20:21:13
more domina than og but a killer.
Ratarsed - 08 September 2012 17:32:32
Rhino I'm ere to stay.... Everybody needs og kush in there lives..... Thankyou again rhino
Buzby - 16 September 2012 12:40:28
Very dark - must more Dom than OG so be warned
TC - 20 September 2012 13:09:15
Really Great Seeds my compliments !!
Have a nice Day - 15 November 2012 09:14:43
one of the best! Thankyou rhino. Easy efficient no probs at all excellent service..... i'll be back :)
jimbo - 12 December 2012 15:25:55
What a powerfull punch !! From such a small thing !! OG vs RHION
Quilla - 06 February 2013 18:19:33
Seeds were incredible. Just as described. Thank you and I will decently return for some more. Lol
Kush bush - 13 March 2013 18:29:03
Gorgeous little seeds arrived perfectly packed! Gonna love em forever.
Cce84 - 18 March 2013 17:56:17
Q. when is the OG Kush back in stock? Love that OG Kush! its at the top of the most wanted list! please hurry!., RhinoSeeds defo the number 1 choice and the only place I will buy from! Thank you!
ady. - 10 April 2013 18:55:34

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Black Dominia X OG Kush
  • Indica Dominant
  • High Power & Early Finishes
  • Buy OG Kush Today!

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