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Alien Jack Motta thumbnail

Alien Jack Motta

If every cannabis seed was as good as Alien Jack Motta, UFOs would be circling the Rhino warehouse every single night! Alien Jack Motta is a superiour mix of Black Domina & Jack Herer with 22% THC, he
Batgum thumbnail


No need to light up the night sky to find Batgum. The penetrating aroma alone will lead you to this potent super-seed! Batgum is an incredible mix of Black Domina and Great White Shark with strong psy
Blue Monster Holk thumbnail

Blue Monster Holk

When you need MORE, turn to Blue Monster Holk! This beast of a cannabis seed delivers up to 26% THC, ginormous yields & extreme resin levels. With this kind of power, Blue Monster Holk will kick your
Diesel Girl thumbnail

Diesel Girl

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative fuel source? Buy Diesel Girl & save the planet! These energizing feminized cannabis seeds will keep you running on high all day long. Diesel Girl is a potent mi
Green Shark thumbnail

Green Shark

For MMJ patients, Green Shark is a potent lifesaver! This super-seed pairs high CBD with high THC & Indica genetics for the deepest physical stones. Green Shark is a very special mix of Black Domina a
Iron Flow thumbnail

Iron Flow

If you’re looking for strong MMJ, check out Iron Flow! Locked & loaded with a full 25% THC, this AK-47 hybrid can handle anything that comes her way. Iron Flow is a heavy-duty strain that can laughs a
Old Early Skunk thumbnail

Old Early Skunk

Go old-school with Old Early Skunk! These potent feminized seeds smell & taste just like you remember, but the power rating has been boosted all the way to 22% THC! Old Early Skunk is a disease resist
Spider Skunk thumbnail

Spider Skunk

Spin your own resinous web of THC-enriched goodness with Spider Skunk, a super-potent take on everyone’s favourite strain! Spider Skunk mixes exotic Black Domina with Super Skunk2 for superiour power
Wonder Black Domina thumbnail

Wonder Black Domina

Bursting with dark African power, Wonder Black Domina is a double-crossed strain that takes this breed’s ratings to the very limit. Wonder Black Domina rages with a full 24% THC & and incredible 1.1%
Zombi Rasta thumbnail

Zombi Rasta


Zombi Rasta is only for the certifiably insane. High THC ratings are one thing, but 26% is absolutely nutters! After a few hits, Zombi Rasta will melt your brain so that the real Zombies can’t eat it.

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Go from Zero to Super Hero with Potent Feminized Seeds from Hero Seeds!

With a healthy supply of 5-star feminized cannabis seeds from Hero Seeds in your collection, you'll be known as WeedMan, the mellowest super hero of them all! And you won't even have to wear a dorky spandex suit with a big, green W on the chest - unless you want to, of course.

The eccentric names and incredible power levels are the major attraction, but that's not all Hero Seeds has to offer. Filled with THC-enhanced courage, these brave little beans stand up to the harshest weather, laugh at extreme temperature changes and fend off mould and disease.

  • Created from the Finest Breeding Stock
  • Every Pack of Feminized Seeds Comes with Free Goodies!
  • Power that Goes All the Way to 26% THC

The Rhino Team can't get over the cool little freebies that come with every packet of feminized seeds from Hero. Whether you order a pack of 3 cannabis seeds or a full 10, you'll get an awesome, Hero-Seeds emblazoned tin that makes a perfect stash box, some papers and a cool storage bag. We've absolutely never seen anything like this little pack of goodies.

Want to know more about what you'll find in the Hero Seeds catalog? With a background that includes 6 bona fide weed legends, it's no wonder Zombi Rasta has enough power to kill lightweight stoners with a single puff. This 80% Indica has a full 26% THC rating with an equally powerful 1.1% CBD. She'll waste you! Equally impressive, the legendary Blue Monster Holk is another six-way mix with 26% THC. This one, however, is a 40% Sativa with slightly less CBD for a more psychoactive effect. Both choices are frickin' awesome!

Great weed seeds are kind of like fine wine. You only have to pay a fortune if you want to! If you'd like to get genuine Hero Seeds' cannabis seeds for a steal, buy them right here at Rhino Seeds. We offer the lowest prices, the best customer service and the fastest shipping in the UK. No wonder we're known as this country's most trusted source of 5-star cannabis seeds!

Get Your Genuine Feminized Cannabis Seeds from Hero Seeds and The Rhino!