Green Shark
For MMJ patients, Green Shark is a potent lifesaver! This super-seed pairs high CBD with high THC & Indica genetics for the deepest physical stones. Green Shark is a very special mix of Black Domina and Great White Shark that does more than satisfy.
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    Free shipping and seeds

    Green Shark Parts the Waters to Show You the Power & Value of High-CBD Seeds!

    If you’re on the hunt for incredibly effective MMJ seeds, Green Shark leads the way. The THC is incredibly high at between 22 to 24%, but it’s the 1.1% CBD that gives this therapeutic strain it’s true power.

    Green Shark Seeds are highly medicinal with an 80:20 Indica to Sativa ratio. Hero Seeds says this 5-star weed seed is physically relaxing and eases all the tension from achy muscles to bring relief to your entire body. It’s a great choice for nights at home.

    • Green Shark Relaxes the Body with Deep, Potent Stones
    • High CBD Levels for Powerful MMJ
    • Indica-Dominant Mix of Black Domina & Great White Shark
    • Perfect for Nighttime

    To reach this kind of power & effect, Hero Seeds mixed their very special Afghani Black Domina with the legendary Great White Shark. As a result, Green Shark Feminized is an outstanding hybrid and one of the most spectacular cannabis seeds in the Hero Seeds’ lineup to date. It’s a true super hero for those in need.

    If Green Shark Cannabis Seeds sound great, check these other high-CBD Hero Seeds products. Zombi Rasta and Wonder Black Domina fall within the same CBD range.

    Thc Level
    High : 15% +
    Sativa/Indica Notes
    80% Indica, 20% Sativa
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    THC Notes
    22 to 24%
    Cannabis Genetics
    Black Domina X Great White Shark
    High CBD

    Buy Green Shark Cannabis Seeds and get an incredibly good medicinal cannabis seed with near-narcotic super powers. With the ability to completely relax your body until it feels like a limp noodle, it’s a definite hero to many needy MMJ patients.

    Always a compassionate soul, The Rhino works his massive horn to a little, bitty stump to keep prices low on our 5-star cannabis seeds. Buy Green Shark today and you’ll get the deal of a lifetime!

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    Green Shark is a potent medicinal cannabis seed covered by the Hero Seeds brand. Hero Seeds keeps a clear eye on power, quality and final effect while still having a good time as illustrated by their emphasis on their own take on comic-book super heroes. If you prefer to combine fun, power & high-grade smoke, Hero Seeds is your kind of breeder!