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Afghani is the original Indica strain used in so many legendary hybrids. Why settle for a watered down version when you can go right to the source for maximum power? Afghani is best known for its hashy features, but it’s also extremely medicinal.
Amazing Haze thumbnail

Amazing Haze

Amazing Haze has rich flavours in combination with an extremely strong high made the amazing Haze an instant success in the Homegrown Fantasy after her first release during the 2006 High Times Cannabi
Armageddon thumbnail


Armageddon is the weed of no return! Once you try this high-powered smoke, you’ll never settle for anything less than these super-charged cannabis seeds. Armageddon is a beginner-friendly Sativa with mind-altering highs.
Australian Blue thumbnail

Australian Blue

Blue Haze thumbnail

Blue Haze

A unique cross between the homegrown Haze and the Blueberry, with a classy sweet musky taste with a strong stone. The growing characteristics are of the body of the Indica, with the length of the S
Blue Pearl thumbnail

Blue Pearl

New in 2004. This is a cross of our prize winning Blue Haze with a Silver Pearl mother. This mostly sativa strain has a soft taste and a strong 'high' effect.The yield from Blue Pearl is very good and
Californian Orange thumbnail

Californian Orange

This Orange Bud is a Cannabis Cupwinner. The plants have a distinct citrus taste and smell. The fragrance is so strong, it becomes almost difficult to hide your stash. Very strong and clear high. Yiel
Caramella thumbnail


This is a variety with big fat tops, long cola's and a lovely fresh caramel smell. It has been bred for the last 15 years with lots of success.
Citral thumbnail


This is a Pakistan variety crossbred with a Skunk. Gives a spicy taste and an always-surprising high. A big favourite amoung connoisseurs. Perfect for homemade hash.Contents:10 seeds
Eclipse thumbnail


A new variety, mostly Indica with a sweet taste, our version of the bubble gum/ bubble berry famous by American clients. This is one for the young and the young at heart.
FirstLady(White Widow) thumbnail

FirstLady(White Widow)

Winner of too many Cups to count, FirstLady AKA White Widow is one of the most sought-after strains of all times! The cannabis seed that single-handedly put Amsterdam on the map, First Lady AKA White Widow is the undisputed Queen of Cannabis!
Fourway thumbnail


Can’t decide? With Fourway, you don’t have to! This even mix of Ruderalis, Indica, Northern Light & Skunk #1 was designed specifically for the indecisive stoner. Fourway is short & compact with high y
Genie of the Lamp thumbnail

Genie of the Lamp

Homegrown Fantaseeds - Genie of the Lamp is a cross NYC Diesel / Big Bud. These are delicate buds with tiny leaves and lots of orange coli. There is a fine amount of crystals covering all surfaces.
Haze thumbnail


This is a slow plant to grow but is famous for its special qualities. It's the plant that set the standard for all Sativa strains and gives a good result for those who do not mind waiting a little bit
Big Bud thumbnail

Homegrown Big Bud

Another former Cupwinner. The name says it all. This is a mostly Indica strain with very high yields.
Homegrown Cheese thumbnail

Homegrown Cheese

After Homegrown Cheese won at the 2004 Cannabis Cup, it went on to become the best-selling strain at Homegrown Fantaseeds’ Amsterdam Coffeeshop. Today’s Homegrown Cheese has been further refined for the utmost in consistency.
Homegrown FantaSeeds Early Girl Regular thumbnail

Homegrown FantaSeeds Early Girl Regular

This Indica and Sativa mix will start to flower, usually, within 8 weeks and without the need for less hours of sunlight, so you're sure of a harvest. Not much smell, but some tight buds and a nice
Homegrown FantaSeeds Mango thumbnail

Homegrown FantaSeeds Mango

Mango is a 100% Indica crossbreed with a H#1 KC 33 and our Afghani. Real favorite amongst growers and smokers, beautiful plant to see and a smooth taste. Your fully aware that you have a real potent p
Homegrown Fantaseeds thumbnail

Homegrown Fantaseeds

This variety retains the sugar coating of all the white strains, but has even larger trichomes bulging out from stems and buds. This was achieved by crossing an outstanding afghaan (12 years in develo
Homegrown Fantaseeds K2 thumbnail

Homegrown Fantaseeds K2

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Nothing Takes You Higher than a Homegrown Fantaseeds Standard Cannabis Seed!

There's nothing regular or standard about the non-feminized cannabis seeds at Homegrown Fantaseeds! These little knockouts are extra special and lethally potent!

Homegrown Fantaseeds' standard cannabis seeds are just as powerful, just as prolific and just as decadently delicious as their feminized counterparts. The only difference is their mums weren't put under a tremendous amount of stress during propagation. Homegrown Fantaseeds standard cannabis seeds are raw, unbridled energy that's exactly like nature intended - and they're priced to please!

  • Classic Strains Like White Widow, Master Kush, Cheese & Northern Lights
  • Hardcore Cannabis Seeds Like Train Wreck, Armageddon & Millenium
  • Fast Delivery, Low Prices, & 5-Star Quality!

Let's face it - Most small-time collectors get into this fun hobby to save a little cash and take control over their fate. If your goal is to maximize the return on the smallest investment possible, regular cannabis seeds from an elite breeder like Homegrown Fantaseeds are the way to go! After all, stoners from all walks of life have worked miracles with non-feminized cannabis seeds for eons.

Because Homegrown Fantaseeds got their start before the feminization process was perfected, they offer one of the widest ranges of full-bodied regular cannabis seeds on the planet. And, you won't lose a thing by going down this road. As you browse our collection of HF beans, you'll find classics like Homegrown Skunk #1, multi-cup winners like First Lady (White Widow) and cutting-edge strains like Genie of the Lamp among other hardcore breeds.

You won't be disappointed when you buy your new regular Homegrown Fantaseeds cannabis seeds at Rhino Seeds. We offer discreet packaging, rapid deliveries, friendly customer service and the absolute lowest prices. It's a win-win-win!

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Homegrown Big Bud

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