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Nothing Takes You Higher than a Homegrown Fantaseeds Standard Cannabis Seed!

There's nothing regular or standard about the non-feminized cannabis seeds at Homegrown Fantaseeds! These little knockouts are extra special and lethally potent!

Homegrown Fantaseeds' standard cannabis seeds are just as powerful, just as prolific and just as decadently delicious as their feminized counterparts. The only difference is their mums weren't put under a tremendous amount of stress during propagation. Homegrown Fantaseeds standard cannabis seeds are raw, unbridled energy that's exactly like nature intended - and they're priced to please!

  • Classic Strains Like White Widow, Master Kush, Cheese & Northern Lights
  • Hardcore Cannabis Seeds Like Train Wreck, Armageddon & Millenium
  • Fast Delivery, Low Prices, & 5-Star Quality!

Let's face it - Most small-time collectors get into this fun hobby to save a little cash and take control over their fate. If your goal is to maximize the return on the smallest investment possible, regular cannabis seeds from an elite breeder like Homegrown Fantaseeds are the way to go! After all, stoners from all walks of life have worked miracles with non-feminized cannabis seeds for eons.

Because Homegrown Fantaseeds got their start before the feminization process was perfected, they offer one of the widest ranges of full-bodied regular cannabis seeds on the planet. And, you won't lose a thing by going down this road. As you browse our collection of HF beans, you'll find classics like Homegrown Skunk #1, multi-cup winners like First Lady (White Widow) and cutting-edge strains like Genie of the Lamp among other hardcore breeds.

You won't be disappointed when you buy your new regular Homegrown Fantaseeds cannabis seeds at Rhino Seeds. We offer discreet packaging, rapid deliveries, friendly customer service and the absolute lowest prices. It's a win-win-win!

Buy Top-Rated, 5-Star Standard Cannabis Seeds from Homegrown Fantaseeds & The Rhino!