Homegrown Fantaseeds K2
Need a little bump? Homegrown Fantaseeds K2 instantly lifts even the best indoor collections to a much higher peak. Named for the world's 2nd tallest mountain, Homegrown Fantaseeds K2 is number one in our book! It's definitely a Rhino fave.
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    Free shipping and seeds


    Homegrown Fantaseeds K2 Brings Frosty Peaks & Soaring Power to the Great Indoors

    If the rumours are true, K2's Hindu Kush pop was captured on the slopes of this cannabis seed's namesake before he hooked up with the infamous White Widow. We don't know if that's true, but it's one hell of a backstory!

    These marijuana seeds get their intense power from a hardy landrace strain, but that didn't stop them from becoming a Rhino-recommended indoor bean. Homegrown Fantaseeds K2 Cannabis Seeds are nice & short with barely a bit of stretch.

    • Homegrown Fantaseeds K2 = Kush + Widow
    • Rapid, 8-Week Finish – So Fast!
    • An Indoor Favourite – Great for Hydro
    • Smooth, Sweet Flavours & Mellow Stones

    Homegrown Fantaseeds K2 Seeds only need about 8 weeks to finish indoors. THC levels are high, the stone is mellow and the taste is soft, lush & sweet. Plus, the quality, the resin levels and the yields are killer! What’s not to love about luxurious Homegrown Fantaseeds K2?

    This description of Homegrown Fantaseeds K2 Cannabis Seeds is based entirely on material provided by Homegrown Fantaseeds. For more information, see the Rhino Seedsdisclaimer page.

    10 seeds
    Recommended Indoor
    Flowering Time
    7-8 weeks
    Flowering Outdoors
    Late October
    Cannabis Genetics
    Hindu Kush X White Widow

    When you buy K2 Cannabis Seeds from The Rhino, he never leaves you hanging. Even if it means locking the Rhino Seeds’ packing crew in the warehouse overnight, we’ll get those beans in the post on time. Order today & you'll hear Homegrown Fantaseeds’ K2 discreet knock on your door in no time!

    After you buy K2, pay close attention to the legal restrictions in your area. In the UK and most other countries, it’s a crime to germinate, cultivate or propagate marijuana seeds without a special license. To learn more, review the Rhino Seeds’ disclaimer page.

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    K2 is a super choice for hydro growing....

    JaCk, 2007-08-08

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    In the early years, Amsterdam-based Homegrown Fantaseeds took full advantage of an amazing opportunity to take over Positronic's gene pool. Using these legendary strains, Homegrown Fantaseeds produced seed after potent cannabis seed each and every year. With a stellar reputation that includes being named High Times' Best Seed Company of 1998, this Amsterdam giant is responsible for some of the finest connoisseur strains available today including Blueberry Haze, Armageddon and Homegrown Cheese. If you're an amateur collector, Homegrown Fantaseeds will make your wildest weed dreams come true!