FirstLady(White Widow)
Winner of too many Cups to count, FirstLady AKA White Widow is one of the most sought-after strains of all times! The cannabis seed that single-handedly put Amsterdam on the map, First Lady AKA White Widow is the undisputed Queen of Cannabis!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    FirstLady, AKA White Widow, is a true legend in the Dutch community with a well-deserved reputation. With one glance, you’ll know exactly how this one got her name. This wicked lady is literally covered from head to toe in glistening white crystals.

    We know that good looks isn’t all you’re searching for in a premium cannabis seed. FirstLady, AKA White Widow, also offers an 18.9% THC level and top-notch yields!

    • Dripping Sticky Crystals – Shining & White
    • 18.9% THC – Exactly What You Need
    • 8 Week Finish – No Waiting Around
    • Winner of Multiple Cups – A True Champion

    Best of all, you won’t have to wait around for this hard-working seed. FirstLady, AKA White Widow, gets the job done in just 8 weeks. With a very up effect and a soft, smooth flavour, this will always be your first choice in cannabis seeds.

    Rhino Seeds only ships 100% authentic FirstLady Cannabis Seeds, but they don’t look like this. Dormant souvenirs intended for collectors, these beans can’t be legally cultivated or germinated in the UK.

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    In the early years, Amsterdam-based Homegrown Fantaseeds took full advantage of an amazing opportunity to take over Positronic's gene pool. Using these legendary strains, Homegrown Fantaseeds produced seed after potent cannabis seed each and every year. With a stellar reputation that includes being named High Times' Best Seed Company of 1998, this Amsterdam giant is responsible for some of the finest connoisseur strains available today including Blueberry Haze, Armageddon and Homegrown Cheese. If you're an amateur collector, Homegrown Fantaseeds will make your wildest weed dreams come true!