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Owning a Pack of Humboldt Seeds is the Next Best Thing to Being There!

NoCal genetics are legendary, highly sought-after and, until now, hard to find. Rhino Seeds is proud to announce that Humboldt Seeds is now part of our family and you know what that means! You'll get the absolute best prices on the absolute best strains on the planet when you shop here. Don't forget - The Rhino's giving away 20% off every cash order for a limited time!

  • Truly Brilliant West Coast Genetics
  • 100% Organic Breeding Stock - Diverse Strains
  • Top Quality - Very Stable Feminized Seeds
  • Great Prices, Fast Delivery, Awesome Service!

If you've never heard of the Humboldt Seeds Organization, it's about time you crawl out from under that rock you've been hiding under for the last decade. This breeder has cornered the market on a wide variety of incredibly popular cannabis seeds like the one & only Chemdawg, the incredibly dank OG Kush & the super tasty Sour Blueberry. Mouth watering doesn't even begin to describe these killer beans!

Humboldt Seeds is committed to using a 100% breeding program that's sustainable, genetically diverse & environmentally friendly, but they have given one very important nod to the modern cannabis seed industry. They are one of the few American brands that supplies the global marketplace with 100% feminized seeds, the perfect choice for non breeders. Order yours today!

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