Lost Coast Skunk Auto
Skunk is world-famous for her unbeatable stability and reliability, and now Lost Coast Skunk Auto takes that idea one step further with a beginner-friendly AutoFem that can finish as fast as 60 days from seed. Flavours & aromas are still unbelievably strong & the epic high continues to balance mental and physical effects perfectly. This fully automatic seed is a must try for all Skunk fans!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Autoflowering Hybrid
  • Classic Skunk Flavour
  • Balanced 80% Indica
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Old-School Skunk is Where It's At!

Humboldt Seeds reached deep and pulled out an Original Skunk to update with a tiny amount of Ruderalis to bring you one of the fastest and most beginner-friendly cannabis seeds the West Coast has to offer. Not only is Lost Coast Skunk Auto 100% feminized, she's fully autoflowering too with a very rapid 60-day finish from seed. She's ready in a flash!

  • Lost Coast Skunk Auto Finishes in 60 to 65 Days!
  • Classic Skunk Flavour & High
  • Stable, Reliable, Beginner Friendly
  • High Yields - 2+ oz/seed

The finish is, without a doubt, shockingly fast, but this AutoFem does not skimp on yield or power. Average production can easily exceed 2 ounces/seed inside or out, and the precisely balanced highs last for hours. At just two to three feet tall, inside or out, Auto Lost Coast Skunk is a great choice whether you're short on space or time.

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NB: Humboldt Seeds' Lost Coast Skunk Auto comes highly recommended, but if you prefer photoperiod seeds, Rhino Seeds has those too. Check out the rest of this collection including Blue Dream, Green Crack and the legendary Trainwreck!

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5 Seeds
10 Seeds
Flowering Time
Thc Level
Medium : 8 - 15%
Yield Notes
1 to 2+ oz/seed
Height Notes
2 to 3+ ft outdoors
Sativa/Indica Notes
20% Sativa; 80% Indica
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
11 to 14% THC
Flowering Time Notes
60 to 65 Days from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Skunk X Ruderalis
0.1% CBD

To create Lost Coast Skunk Auto, Humboldt Seeds crossed a pure Skunk strain with a premium Ruderalis. Finishes are very fast at 60 to 65 days from seed on average, and the short stature makes this cannabis seed a perfect choice for indoor collectors. The pleasant, Skunky taste perfectly complements the tart, citrusy aroma. Effects are very balanced for the perfect mix of heady highs and body stones. Order your Auto Lost Coast Skunk Seeds today!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Autoflowering Hybrid
  • Classic Skunk Flavour
  • Balanced 80% Indica

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Humboldt Seeds is named for the one US county that has more breeders per square mile than any other place on earth. No wonder they have the absolute best strains to be had anywhere including Amsterdam, Spain & all the other legal American states. Whether you're looking for Blue Dream, Lost Coast OG or the infamous Desert Diesel, you're in for a treat. Order your Humboldt Seeds today!