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8 Miles High thumbnail

8 Miles High


Mandala Seeds’ 8 Miles High is a fragrant, uplifting Sativa that produces greatly both indoors and outdoors. Note that special attention was given to make this strain one of low maintenance that finishes fast.

Afrodite thumbnail


One thing to note here is that anyone and everyone can easily cultivate Afrodite because it is so strong and reliable.‭ ‬Having genes from both Jack Herer and‭ ‬Black Jack,
Afrodite Automatic‭ thumbnail

Afrodite Automatic‭

They chose a Ruderalis that contributed a lot to the height and inferior branch production and the end result is a plant that shows massive trichome production as soon as flowering begins‭!
Automatic Mix Pack thumbnail

Automatic Mix Pack

Kannabia’s Automatic Mix Pack is an affordable way to try two of this breeder’s most outstanding autoflowering cannabis seeds. This pack includes 3 seeds each of Flash Auto & Gnomo Auto. Make your mov
B Lee Auto thumbnail

B Lee Auto

No one can resist B Lee Auto once they realize it was named for legendary Kung-Fu master Bruce Lee! B Lee Auto is one of the fastest & strongest autoflowering seeds with 20% THC and a 60-day lifecycle
BCN Diesel thumbnail

BCN Diesel

To make this amazing hybrid,‭ ‬Kannabia crossed their NYC Diesel with an Indica male to help stabilize the strain,‭ ‬control the height,‭ ‬and expedite the flowerin
BCN Diesel Automatic thumbnail

BCN Diesel Automatic

BCN Diesel Automatic was designed with two goals in mind,‭ ‬excellent taste and production of trichomes.‭ ‬By selecting the strongest BCN Diesel that showed the greatest growt
Baby Boom Auto thumbnail

Baby Boom Auto

Smells Like Plum Jam - XL Yields

Small but shockingly productive, Baby Boom Auto is the latest in a long line of next-generation Automatics. This weed seed does not disappoint!

  • Mostly Indica - Highly Relaxing
  • Blueberry X Northern Lights X Auto
Big Band thumbnail

Big Band

With this modification,‭ ‬the production remains great and the taste is drastically improved and now receives compliments‭! ‬This Cannabis strain is not named Big Band for not
Big Band Automatic thumbnail

Big Band Automatic

.65‭ ‬grams per plant is easy for this mama because she focuses her energy on producing one ungodly huge cola that is astounding.‭ ‬Being resistant to temperature and humidity
Citrus thumbnail


Unlike its appearance,‭ ‬the flavor of Citrus more closely resembles candy than citrus fruit.‭ ‬This characteristic comes from its Bubblegum parent.‭ ‬Citrus is a
Crystal Mix thumbnail

Crystal Mix

Crystal Mix is aptly named so because it contains 3 seeds of 3 diferent varieties of extremely resinous plants that heavily produce trichomes. You will receive 3x La Blanca seeds, 3x Mataro Blue seds
Domina Haze thumbnail

Domina Haze

Domina Haze is Kannabia Seeds‭’‬ personal rendition of the original Black Jack.‭ ‬Noticing that Black Jack expressed different phenotypes,‭ ‬Kannabia grew out a bu
Dr Jeckyll thumbnail

Dr Jeckyll

What this trans-oceanic Cannabis strain basically is,‭ ‬is a Sativa that shows Indica characteristics in its phenotype.‭ ‬By mixing this variety with their‭ ‬‘K
Faraona thumbnail


Crafted from artisan strains donated by Andalusian farmers, Faraona is a fitting tribute to sun-kissed Southern Spain. Filled to the brim with raw power, Faraona reaches a full 20% THC with 400 gram y
Flamenco Mix 6 thumbnail

Flamenco Mix 6

Explore the exiting world of Kannabia Feminized Seeds with the Flamenco Mix 6 collection. This value-packed set includes Mataro Blue, Afrodite and BCN Diesel, three highly rated strains. Flamenco Mix
Flash Automatic thumbnail

Flash Automatic

Gnomo Automatic thumbnail

Gnomo Automatic

Gnomo Automatic is a Kannabia production that has a Mataro Blue influence.‭ ‬It is said to be a very beautiful plant that can produce competitively and is full of flavor.‭ ‬T
Guerilla Mix Pack thumbnail

Guerilla Mix Pack

Kannabia’s Guerilla Mix Pack is the stealthiest set of cannabis seeds we’ve ever seen. These babies really know how to keep it on the down-low! The Guerilla Mix Pack includes 2 seeds each of African Q
Hobbit Auto thumbnail

Hobbit Auto

Hobbit Auto is so good you’ll be calling this cannabis seed “Precious” after one whiff! Filled to the brim with ultra-sweet strawberry flavours & aromas, Hobbit Auto is incredibly potent (15% THC) and
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Hit Your Target Dead On With Shockingly Good Kannabia Seeds!

The genetics from this Spanish Cannabis Seed Breeder impressed us so much, we simply had to get them for our loyal customers! Boasting well over 14 years of breeding, Kannabia has some excellent cannabis seeds.

The Kannabia Seedbanks' best-selling cannabis seed is the legendary BCN Diesel. Sales of this particular skunk seed far outshine any other variety they produce. As well as as their traditional line of cannabis genetics, Kannabia recently released an autoflowering range. They present their usual strains now crossed with an automatic component so you can enjoy the buds you love without the lengthy veg periods!

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