Kritic 70 Auto
Looking for an even easier version of Critical? Kritic 70 Auto transforms this super productive Skunk into a fully autoflowering cannabis seed that gets it done in just 70 days! For high yields and intense power without a lick of work, check out Kritic 70
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Critical is amazing, but Kritic 70 Auto is weed-a-licious! With just a kiss of Ruderalis, the world’s most productive Skunk just went fully automatic. How can you possibly beat that?

    Kannabia’s Kritic 70 Auto Seeds have all the power, flavour and quality you’ve come to expect from classic Critical, but it’s much faster with a 70-day life cycle. The flavour is still penetrating, the nuggs are heavy and compact and the high is pure stimulating euphoria!

    • Kritic 70 Auto is an Improved Version of Critical!
    • Speedy 70-Day Life Cycle!
    • Fully Autoflowering & 100% Feminized
    • Penetrating Skunk Flavour & Incredible Euphoric Highs!

    With very manageable heights that reach 65 cm inside or 90 cm out, Kritic 70 Auto is great for high-density or small spaces. This electrifying beginner-friendly marijuana seed delivers very generous yields for an autoflowering bean with yields that have been measured at up to 120 gr/seed outside.

    The Rhino knows that autoflowering seeds don’t float everyone’s smoky boat. If you’d prefer to enjoy this genetic mix in its original form, we can make it happen! Take a look at classic Critical for one of our best feminized seeds.

    Flowering Time
    Height Notes
    65 cm Inside, 90 cm Outside
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    Strain Notes
    Euphoric & Energizing
    THC Notes
    Flowering Time Notes
    70 Days from Seed
    Cannabis Genetics
    Critical X Ruderalis
    Outdoor Yield
    30 to 70 gr/seed
    Indoor Yield
    20 to 25 gr/seed

    When you buy Kritic 70 Cannabis Seeds from the Rhino, you’ll get them in practically no time! The Rhino cracks the whip and kicks ass when it comes to his delivery schedules. And believe us – absolutely no one wants to disappoint the Big Man! An angry Rhino can get real ugly.

    The Rhino also guarantees that you’ll love your new weed seeds when they get there – or he’ll replace them for free! It doesn’t even matter if the problem is your fault because you’re completely covered. To take advantage of this unheard-of offer, buy Kritic 70 today!

    Could hardly believe how good this one was! Love to tell you more, but it's against the rules.
    Sticky Bud - 18 July 2012 22:45:07
    Just as described. I'm very pleased with Kritic 70 - even the name is awesome.
    Bruce - 18 July 2012 22:45:54
    The only problem I have is that I didn't order enough! Back for more of this kick-ass Auto.
    Matt - 18 July 2012 22:46:44
    good stuff, man - truly rightous
    frybrain - 18 July 2012 22:47:12
    Best I've tried in years. Primo!
    buzzy - 18 July 2012 22:47:41

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    The Kannabia Seed Company is an elite Spanish breeder with a clear focus on quality, power and yield. While all their feminized seeds are truly exceptional, we're very excited about their new Max Auto line. To meet your high demands, the Max Auto collection is a superior set of autoflowering cannabis seeds that go from bean to blaze in record-breaking times while offering THC levels and yields that meet or exceed standard seeds. If you've been disappointed by Autos in the past, step up to a Kannabia Max Auto. The Rhino promises you'll be thrilled with the results!