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Auto AK47 thumbnail

Auto AK47

Automatic AK 47 seeds are the result of selecting the very best AK 47 plant that Lowlife Seeds could find and subsequently crossing it with the original Lowryder has resulted in the Automatic AK 47, a fast growing and flowering cannabis hybrid.
Automatic AK47 X Auto Hindu Kush F1 thumbnail

Automatic AK47 X Auto Hindu Kush F1

Automatic AK47 from Lowlife seeds. Rhino Seeds were pleasantly surprised with this Ruderalis Sativa cross, Lowlife have managed to maintain the high resin production and mouthwatering aroma that we lo
Automatic Blueberry Seeds thumbnail

Automatic Blueberry Seeds

Automatic Blueberry is a fine Blueberry cross with original lowryder - we got very excited when we first heard of this, blueberry is pretty much at the top of our favorites list. We are expecting hig
Automatic Hindu Kush Seeds thumbnail

Automatic Hindu Kush Seeds

Automatic Hindu Kush is a great Ruderalis Indica cross inheriting all of the knock out Indica Body Stone from its Hindu Kush and Master Kush Parents with no compromise at all! Auto Hindu Kush promise
Automatic Lemon Skunk Seeds thumbnail

Automatic Lemon Skunk Seeds

Auto Lemon by lowlife has been described as a high maintence lemon scented phenotype. Auto Lemon has all traits of both the Indica and Sativa parents coupled with its unusually sweet lemon taste!
Automatic White Russian Seeds thumbnail

Automatic White Russian Seeds

Automatic White Russian is lowlifes latest addition to his popular auto-flowering range with the promise of a very punchy, frosty auto-flowering strain. Automatic White Russian is very easy to mana
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