Automatic Blueberry Seeds
Automatic Blueberry is a fine Blueberry cross with original lowryder - we got very excited when we first heard of this, blueberry is pretty much at the top of our favorites list. We are expecting hig
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    Auto blueberry is actually frutier than the original blueberry so hands down to Lowlife for making an already juicy strain that much jucier.

    10 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    Thc Level
    High : 15% +
    Cannabis Seeds Per Packet
    Height Notes
    10 – 14 inches
    Sativa/Indica Notes
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Strain Notes
    Cross of DJ Shorts Blueberry and the original Lowryder
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    Lowlife Seeds is on a mission to create a fully autoflowering cannabis seed to meet every single need under the sun. They start off with the original Lowryder strain and mix in other stunning genetic blends to offer everything from hard-hitting, high-yielding Auto AK-47 with a 2-ft average height to dwarf-sized, super stealthy Automatic Hindu Kush Seeds. No matter what you're looking for, you won't have a problem finding genuine Lowlife Seeds that practically scream your name!