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Magus Genetics Feminised Seeds Deliver Stability, Consistency, Power & 5-Star Quality Each & Every Time

Magus Genetics is everything you expect in an elite, world-class breeder. Instead of relying on gimmicks, they keep a clear focus on perfecting their small, exclusive collection of absolutely stunning feminized seeds. In our book, these beans are as good as they get, but that's never been enough for Gerrit, the found and driving force behind Magus Genetics.

When Gerrit created Warlock quite by accident during one of his first outdoor breeding experiments, he was hooked! It quickly became one of the most popular Coffeeshop menu items in weed-centric Amsterdam before winning an early Cannabis Cup. From here, Gerrit was completely hooked on the high that comes with creating the world's most powerful feminized seeds and eventually formed Magus Genetics.

  • Stable, Homogenous, Powerful 100% Feminized Seeds that Satisfy!
  • A Small But Distinct Selection - Completely Unique Strains to Fit a Wide Variety of Needs
  • Award-Winning Breeding Stock - Warlock is an HTCC Winner & Coffeeshop Fave!

While Warlock is still one of Magus Genetics' most sought-after feminized seeds thanks to its soaring highs, extreme quality and lethal 29% THC level, Magus Genetics has created several more stunners to satisfy a wider variety of collectors. We recommend Double Dutch for higher yields, Biddy Early for her fast outdoor finishes and Motavation for a deep, couch-locking stone.

Rhino Seeds is proud to offer one of the widest selections of 5-star cannabis seeds in the world, but why bang your head on the screen searching through hundreds of seeds when you've already found perfection in an authentic Magus Genetics Feminised Seed? Plus, we also offer the absolute best prices on these top-shelf seeds to sweet the deal even more! What are waiting for? Get yours now!

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