Mosaic Mix Pack
Discover the power behind Magus Genetics & save a bundle with the Mosaic Mix Pack. This sampler includes a random mix of this breeder’s best cannabis seeds. You won’t know exactly what’s in your Mosaic Mix Pack, but you can’t beat this deal!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    Take a Chance on the Mosaic Mix Pack & Save a Bundle!

    The Mosaic Mix Pack can jumpstart any collection! This affordable sampler includes a random mix of 5 feminized seeds from the legendary Magus Genetics’ catalog. Although you won’t know exactly which strains are included in your specific pack, there are only five possibilities – and they’re all good!

    Biddy Early is a potent Cannabis Cup Winner with high yields and intense red and purple hues.

    If you prefer Indica, Double Dutch will give you more than you can handle. These prolific cannabis seeds need plenty of extra support to prevent breakage due to their excessive yields.

    Exile is a Warlock, Northern Lights, White Widow cross that’s truly extraordinary with caramel-coloured trichomes and a deep, physical stone.

    • The Mosaic Mix Pack Includes 5 Cannabis Seeds
    • A Random Mix of Magus Genetics’ Strains
    • Extremely Affordable Cup Winners

    Someone at Magus must have been high when they named their new Indica-dominant hybrid Motavation. This intense strain is a real couchlocker.

    Finally, Warlock is the star of the Magus Genetics’ breeding program. This amazing Sativa has been measured at a lethal 29% THC level! Amazing!

    This description of the Mosaic Mix Pack and other cannabis seeds is based solely on information provided by Magus Genetics.

    5 Seeds
    Selection Packs

    Don’t miss this chance to buy Mosaic Mix Pack Cannabis Seeds. This random sampler includes 5 of the most sought-after marijuana seeds ever created by Magus Genetics, and they're priced at a substantial discount. In some cases, you’re saving more than 50%!

    You can’t even find some of the more popular strains that could be included in this mix pack. When sold individually, many of these weeds seeds sell out on a regular basis. Do yourself a favour and buy Mosaic Mix Pack – The Rhino guarantees you’re gonna love ‘em!

    I lucked out & got what I think are a bunch of Warlocks in my pack. Can't even begin to tell you how good they are!
    Maverick - 21 July 2012 02:54:44
    It was kind of fun trying to guess what each seed actually was. All of them were amazing!
    Jonesy - 21 July 2012 02:55:24
    Can't believe what I got for this low price. I know people who are paying way more for a lot less. Needless to say, I'm very happy!
    Adam - 21 July 2012 02:56:08
    Made my collection for the entire year! Thanks guys - very affordable & of the highest quality.
    Chuck - 21 July 2012 02:56:46
    Very good. I was a little worried about the random mix, but couldn't pass up this kind of deal. Well worth it!
    Teddy - 21 July 2012 02:57:25

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    The Mosaic Mix Pack showcases the best feminized seeds in Magus Genetics' small but exclusive collection of weed seeds. Magus Genetics has a well-deserved reputation for the highest level of quality with an unbelievable number of major Cup wins to their credit. Every single Magus Genetics' strain is shockingly good!