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Beyond the Brain

The high is characterized as crystal clear with no confusion, very cerebrally expansive, motivational and active, very pro-socializing and energizing. Beyond the Brain is said to be especially valuab
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Chill completely out without a bit of couchlock! Chill-OM, a connoisseur-quality strain offered at dirt-weed prices, is a potent mix of two pure landrace strains that reaches 18.5 to 20% THC levels fo
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Ganesh was specially created for the 5th anniversary of Mandala Seeds. They recreated theirr exotic, high-class indica-sativa hybrid ‘Yamuna’ from the ‘Limited Collector’s Ganesh Edition’, which was
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A concoction of several desirable parents, Hashberry from Mandala Seeds is a hybrid Cannabis variety that preserves the vigor and styles that its secret lineages are so valued for.
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Kalichakra responds quite well to being tied down and develops an amazingly thick main cola when grown with good light distribution. The flowers are of exceptional quality with their glistening trich
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Voted the 2011 High Times Strain of the Year, Krystalica is an amazing cannabis seed with 18 to 20% THC, tantalizing aromas and a pleasant high that’s both relaxing and stimulating. When you want to t
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Mandala #1

Mandala #1 is a good choice if you are aiming for a quick crop with a sativa effect. We recommend this strain especially for northern climates where harvesting by the end of September is a priority. T
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Orisha XL thumbnail

Orisha XL

Point of No Return thumbnail

Point of No Return

Point of No Return has a reputation that is a critical knock out Indica stone with extreme couch lock syndrome and full body relaxation. The flowers give off a pleasant peppermint smell that is a bit
Rishi Kush thumbnail

Rishi Kush

Looking for a great daily smoke? Rishi Kush offers plenty of power, but the pleasant highs soothe the body and calm the mind without clouding your thoughts. Great for laid-back afternoons or winding d
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Safari Mix thumbnail

Safari Mix

The Mandala Seeds Safari Mix is a blend of experimental hybrid Cannabis seeds that stem from various experimental crosses of mainly White Satin and Kalichakra with numerous other parents. This pack c
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If you are looking for an almost ‘too easy to grow’ Sativa, then Satori from Mandala Seeds is what you’re after. In 2006, this strain was refined to be more reliable and even MORE powerful and should
Speed Queen thumbnail

Speed Queen

Speed Queen is perfect for newbie gardeners and doesn’t really take that long to flower, 55 days. She is also said to be the perfect surfer’s smoke of choice because it is the perfect balance of the stimulating and relaxing Indica buzz.
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White Satin

This robust variety is a good choice for the novice gardener and experienced grower alike. The main flowering power is located on the central stem but also the side shoots deliver quality ”nuggets”.
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Every Cannabis Seed Produced by Mandala Seeds Packs a Potent Punch!

Mandala Seeds doesn't just follow the crowd - they lead the way! Mandala Seeds has a well-deserved reputation as a true pioneer in both breeding techniques and seed production methods. These guys are true revolutionaries in every sense of the word!

Before founding Mandala Seeds in 2004, Mike and Jasmin traveled the world for work and pleasure. In total, this pair lived and played in more than 20 different countries giving them an exceptional opportunity to collect pure landrace strains, reliable heirloom breeds and rare hybrids to create the most diverse and potent gene pool in the cannabis industry!

  • Convenient 10 Packs at Extra-Low Prices
  • Strict Quality Controls to Ensure the Best Possible Results
  • World-Class Genetics for Superiour Strength, Viability & Power

Of course, Mandala doesn't just combine the best breeding stock in the world, propagate some amazing cannabis seeds and toss them out to their clamoring public to see what they say. This company combines stringent quality control measures with a testing program that's just short of pure torture to create cannabis seeds that are consistently magnificent!

Mandala Seeds is all about the science of high-powered cannabis seeds, but these breeders also know that great weed is supposed to be fun! If you'd like to give one of these marijuana seeds a try, you won't go wrong with their signature Mandala #1, but 8 Miles High is the one that sold the entire Rhino Team on Mandala Seeds. Order yours today!

Mandala Seeds does a great job of keeping the prices on their stunning line of cannabis seeds extra low, but the Rhino goes one better! We guarantee you'll get your choice of Mandala Seeds beans at the absolute cheapest price in the UK. If not, we'll refund the difference plus a little extra to say we're sorry we screwed up. Who else does that?

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Mandala #1

wallace bc grower, 16 September 2007