Orisha XL


Orisha XL is a limited edition Sativa crafted from authentic Nigerian landrace strains. Due to its extreme height, Orisha XL requires plenty of experience and space. This African beauty works best outdoors in tropical regions.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 100% Sativa – Nigerian Genetics
  • For Experienced Collectors in Tropical Regions
  • High Mould Resistance
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    Orisha XL is a Classic Sativa – It’s Tall, Elegant, and Only for Tropical Outdoor Collections

    Orisha XL is not for the average collector. This limited edition strain requires a lot of work, patience and know-how – not to mention space and a warm climate.

    If you fit the bill, Orisha XL is a bona fide African Sativa of the best kind! Only the finest landrace genetics from Nigeria went into this mix, and it’s only been refined slightly to work better with modern collection methods. Orisha XL Cannabis Seeds are as pure as they come!

    • Orisha XL is a Refined Nigerian Landrace Sativa
    • Meant for Experienced Collectors Only – Newbies Should Stay Away!
    • Tall & Elegant Cannabis Seeds with Extremely High Yields
    • Moderate Power – Up, Functional, Social, Energizing

    Orisha XL has very pleasant, moderate effects that lift your mood and let you get on with your day. That’s why this strain is Africa’s #1 smoke!

    Want to know how Mandala Seeds got their hands on their original Orisha XL seeds? One of their mates was traveling through Africa and picked a few cannabis seeds up as a souvenir. Sure beats the hell out of a lousy T-shirt!

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    Outdoor ? Yes
    Thc Level ? Medium : 8 - 15%
    Cannabis Genetics Nigerian Landrace Sativa
    Flowering Time ? 9-12 weeks
    Yield ? Good
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Orisha XL is a limited edition Sativa released under the Mandala Seeds brand. Mandala Seeds is known for crafting new blends from the most powerful landrace strains on Earth. In fact, the owners have lived in or explored more than 20 different countries in their quest to collect the very best cannabis gene pool and spread the word about the joys of this holy herb!