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Skip the tedious selection process & buy Medical Seeds Collection 4! This value-priced mix pack gives you an in-depth tour of this breeder’s best strains including No Name, Devil Fruit & Malakoff. Collection 4 will soothe your body, your mind & your soul!
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    Medical Seeds’ Collection 4 Includes No Name, Malakoff & Devil Fruit – It’s a Medicinal Smorgasbord!

    Ready to feast on super-potent medicinal seeds? You’ll get a full menu with Medical Seeds’ Collection 4! These feminized seeds are ready and willing to cure what ails you. Check ‘em out!

    No Name is so good she might make you forget your own! This intense mix of Cheese & Sensi Star has 20% THC, high CBD, 450 gr/m2 yields and a fast 60-day finish for a balanced mix of soaring highs and deep physical stones.

    • Collection 4 is Value-Packed
    • 100% Feminized Medicinal Seeds
    • Indicas & Sativas - Full Range of Effects
    • An Affordable Way to Explore Medical Seeds

    Malakoff is an explosive Sativa with 20% THC, 400 gr/m2 yields and energizing highs that lift the lowest mood. This Strawberry Haze/White Widow mix is delicious, sticky and perfect for humid areas.

    Devil Fruit is another highly medicinal seed with 20% THC. This one is an Indica-dominant mix of Shiskaberry & Great White Shark with 500 gr/m2 yields and ocean-deep stones.

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    Collection 4 offers a diverse sample from the Medical Seeds brand. Medical Seeds is one of the world’s most respected suppliers of powerful therapeutic cannabis seeds. With intense Indicas, soaring Sativas and THC levels that go well past 25%, Medical Seeds are always in high demand! Guarantee your personal success and fill your collection with authentic Medical Seeds today.