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Big Bud Feminized thumbnail

Big Bud Feminized

This plant is almost a pure indica strain with a happy effect and it is available only in its female version. It's the biggest producer of our collection and it can reach this result without compromis
Big Bud XXL thumbnail

Big Bud XXL

Never get enough? Big Bud XXL will change that! With yields big enough to choke a horse, Big Budd XXL delivers more smoke than any other Ministry of Cannabis seed without compromising quality. These f
Carnival Feminized thumbnail

Carnival Feminized

The word carnival reminds you of a happy atmosphere all around, to Venice and the thousands of people dressed like centuries ago, or to Rio, Brazil, where millions of people go crazy just for a few da
Early XXX Feminized thumbnail

Early XXX Feminized

This strain is the final stage of an extensive selection of the best Skunks of Amsterdam, with the goal of finding an early finishing Skunk that can produce a large harvest in almost every climate, an
Ipot thumbnail


Ipot is a powerful stress-free sativa with a touch of indica. She's perfect to plunge into our technology world without loosing the conscience to being human. The high arrives in a matter of seconds,
Kandahar thumbnail


Mandalay thumbnail


Ready for a refreshing change? Mandalay is an exotic, near-pure Sativa with a full-bodied vanilla flavour, a touch of licorice & incredibly high yields. The high is ecstatically happy, but Mandalay ca
Nepalese Dragon thumbnail

Nepalese Dragon

Once again, Asia confirms itself as one of the hottest spots to get the best genetics from, and this strain is not an exception. Nepalese Dragon takes the best of the countries around the Himalaya. A
Northern Lights Feminized thumbnail

Northern Lights Feminized

Refined for consistency, Northern Lights Feminized is still just as potent and tasty as the original. If you crave that old-school pungency and tantalizing Indica effect, you have to try Northern Ligh
Royalmatic thumbnail


Royalmatic is one fine-ass AutoFem! This smoking-hot babe has 17% THC, bodacious yields & a full load of juicy fruit flavours. Royalmatic mixes mango, grape & orange into a rich, full-bodied cocktail
Shanti thumbnail


Shanti refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace. She has a unique character, different from all our other strains. She is powerful, but she won't lock you to the sofa. She will rat
White Widow Feminized thumbnail

White Widow Feminized

White Widow Feminized is an amazing improvement on a classic legend. This killer strain continues to deliver the same power and fruity flavour you expect with an even better level of consistency. Don’
Zensation Feminized thumbnail

Zensation Feminized

Zensation belongs to a new generation of cannabis strains. From a selective inbreeding of an extremely potent indica and a well stable white strain we finally got Zensation, the ultimate pleasure. Zen
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Extremely Stable, High-Powered Ministry of Cannabis Feminized Seeds

The Ministry's rippling abilities have secured the future of classic strains such as White Widow and introduced newer, more spectacular strains like Zensation and Carnival. Bow down to their brilliance and you will be rewarded with the gift of incredible cannabis seeds.

Rhino Seeds is committed to spreading the good word of the Ministry of Cannabis by selling their feminised weed seeds at prices like no other on earth. (i.e. really cheap)

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