Ready for a refreshing change? Mandalay is an exotic, near-pure Sativa with a full-bodied vanilla flavour, a touch of licorice & incredibly high yields. The high is ecstatically happy, but Mandalay can still blow you away with 20% THC!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Mandalay is an Exotic, Near-Pure Sativa with 20% THC & Lush Vanilla Flavours!

    Named for the spiritual epicenter of the Buddhist faith, Mandalay is a near-pure Sativa capable of bringing peace, love & pure ecstasy to every stoner who’s lucky enough to cross her path. These feminized seeds are awesome!

    Mandalay Seeds are a mix of pure Sativa and Chronic recrossed once again with Sativa for a double-shot of raw landrace power. The results are simply stunning!

    • Mandalay is a Potent 80% Sativa Hybrid
    • Pure Sativa X Chronic X Pure Sativa
    • 500 gr/m2 Inside – 700 gr/seed Outside
    • Euphoric Highs – Vanilla Flavours

    With a mere 20% of Indica genetics, Mandalay Feminized is capable of producing monster yields of elegant, Sativa-quality smoke after a very reasonable 9-week finish – massive & fast for this breed.

    You'll flip over Mandalay Cannabis Seeds joy-filled effects, but you'll love their incredible flavour even more. The intense vanilla is to die for, and the licorice afterbite will really do you in! These feminized seeds are practically hedonistic!

    Flowering Time
    8-9 weeks
    Thc Level
    High : 15% +
    Sativa/Indica Notes
    80% Sativa, 20% Indica
    Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Strain Notes
    Up, Ecstatic, Happy
    THC Notes
    Flowering Time Notes
    9 Weeks
    Cannabis Genetics
    Pure Sativa X Chronic X Pure Sativa
    Outdoor Yield
    700 gr/seed
    Indoor Yield
    500 gr/m2

    For an exotic Sativa with extreme power and luscious vanilla flavour, buy Mandalay Cannabis Seeds today! Created by the legendary Ministry of Cannabis, Mandalay is a top-shelf strain crafted from the finest landrace genetics. These feminized seeds will thrill you to the core!

    To make you even happier, Rhino Seeds offers Mandalay at a great price! We always do our homework to make sure our deals are the best in the UK, and we’ve implemented the Rhino best-price guarantee to back up our promises. Buy Mandalay today & save big!

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    Mandalay is an elegant, Sativa-dominant cannabis seed developed by the Ministry of Cannabis. A true international conglomerate, the Ministry of Cannabis operates a world-wide network of state-of-the-art grow rooms stocked with the absolute best breeding stock. For sophisticated blends of powerful, landrace genetics, choose authentic Ministry of Cannabis weed seeds!