Sterling Haze
Make your cannabis seed collection sparkle with Nirvana's Sterling Haze. This incredible F1 hybrid mixes classic Haze with legendary Northern Lights for an unbeatable combination. Sterling Haze is primarily cerebral with just a touch of physical. It's amazing!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Haze/NL F1 Hybrid
  • For the Experienced Collector
  • Sativa Dominant
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Free shipping and seeds

Get Ready to Shine with Nirvana's Sterling Haze Cannabis Seeds!

With this kind of background (Nirvana Haze X Northern Lights), there's no way Sterling Haze can be anything but a real knockout! This F1 hybrid combines the absolute best features from each legendary parent.

From Nirvana Haze, Sterling Haze seeds get a strong, uplifting buzz & an unmistakable Haze flavour that's delightfully sweet and sour. Northern Lights contributes a chunkier form for more bulk than you'd ever get with a pure Sativa.

  • Sterling Haze is a Haze/NL F1 Hybrid
  • Sativa Dominant with Indica Influences
  • Very Chunky with Up to 425 gr/m2 Yields
  • Unforgettable Haze Flavour - Sweet & Sour

This genetic masterpiece also gives Sterling Haze cannabis seeds a touch of Indica to temper the soaring highs with a touch of physical stone making it a much more pleasant, general-purpose smoke. This is definitely the good stuff!

Not everyone can get the best results from Nirvana Sterling Haze. These cannabis seeds take a little bit of patience & a whole lot of experience to make it through the 10 to 12 weeks of finish. If you have what it takes, you will not be disappointed!

This description of Sterling Haze Cannabis Seeds is based on material provided by the Nirvana Seedbank. To learn more, see our disclaimer page.

Flowering Time
9-12 weeks
Yield Notes
325 to 425 gr/m2
Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis Genetics
Haze X Northern Lights

Buy Sterling Haze Cannabis Seeds from The Rhino & be prepared for total amazement. Not only is this one of the best Sativa-dominant hybrids on the market today, but you'll also get these weed seeds for the lowest price in the UK - guaranteed!

Although it's fine & dandy with the authorities for you to buy Sterling Haze, it's illegal to do more than collect these cannabis seeds in the UK. Germination & cultivation are strictly illegal - don't say we didn't warn you! For more on our policies, check out the Rhino Seeds' disclaimer page.

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Haze/NL F1 Hybrid
  • For the Experienced Collector
  • Sativa Dominant

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Sterling Haze is a Sativa-dominant cannabis seed produced by the original Nirvana Seeds. The Nirvana Seedbank has a stellar reputation that goes all the way back to the founder's former days as an elite Positronics' breeder. Today's Nirvana Seeds are generally accepted as being the best that Amsterdam has to offer. Order yours today!