Indica Champions Pack
Explore the intense stones and savage power of this side of the cannabis world with the Indica Champions Pack by Paradise Seeds. The Indica Champions Pack includes Sensi Star, Ice Cream and White Berry.
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    Free shipping and seeds

    Try the Indica Champions Pack and discover the power & beauty that this side of the cannabis world has to offer. Indicas are well-known for deep physical stones, soothing medicinal properties, amazing yields, fast finishes and a totally laid-back attitude.

    Sensi Star is one of the most amazing Indicas we’ve ever seen! This feminized cannabis seed has won no less than 13 major Cups and offers mind-blowing resin levels, very fast finishes, high yields and an intense lemony/metal scent & aroma. The complex high is deeply physical with just a touch of cerebral for the perfect balance.

    • 3 of the Most Popular Indicas by Paradise Seeds!
    • 100% Feminized
    • Deeply Physical & Highly Relaxing
    • Intense Power, High Yields & Amazing Flavours

    Ice Cream has a creamy vanilla flavour with slight hints of skunk & pine. This cannabis seed has a number of phenotypes to add a little variety to your life, but you can expect each one to top out at massive 500 gram yields and 18% THC levels. This trippy 60% Indica bean hits your head and your body with a powerful punch!

    White Berry is an extremely stable Indica-dominant hybrid that finishes so fast she’ll blow your mind and make your head spin! This marijuana seed only needs about 50 days of bloom to get the job done making her a perfect Sea of Green choice. White Berry offers a highly developed, versatile smoke. Just a little results in a very clear & lucid head high while higher amounts reach the body on a very deep level.

    The Indica Champions Pack offers a winning combination that reveals the full scope of Indica power! At the Rhino, you can enjoy these cannabis seeds or any other strain along with our super low prices, discreet packaging, extra-fast shipping and helpful customer service. You won’t regret joining the Rhino’s herd.

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    When you buy premium cannabis seeds developed by Paradise Seeds, you always get the genuine article! This breeder has won more than 30 Cups since they opened their Amsterdam shop in 1980s, and they continue to offer the exact same championship blends to their loyal customers. Using strict propagation methods and the tightest quality controls, Paradise Seeds guarantees you'll get exactly what you expect with each and every one of their stunning marijuana seeds. For true connoisseur quality, choose from their extensive live of regular, feminized and automatic beans.