Sativa Champions Pack
Discover the magic & mystery of the trippy side of premium blaze with the Sativa Champions Pack by Paradise Seeds. The Sativa Champions Pack includes Nebula, Jacky white and Delahaze.
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    Free shipping and seeds

    Nothing can beat the quality & elegance of a rich, sophisticated Sativa cannabis seed! Discover the best that this family has to offer with the Paradise SeedsSativa Champions Pack. This collection includes 3 award-winning strains with intense power and wicked effects!

    Nebula is the shining star of Paradise Seeds’ catalog of feminized seeds. This bean has a honeyed-fruit flavour, a sweet aroma and super-fat nuggs that practically glow with resin. Yields are high inside and out, but the effects are always extremely trippy and psychoactive. Bloom time is very reasonable for a Sativa at 60 to 65 days.

    • 3 of Paradise Seeds Best Sativas!
    • 6 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • Energizing, Uplifting, Trippy & Happy!
    • Unmatched Quality, Elegant Beauty and Complex Flavours

    Jacky White is an extremely hardy Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 60-day finish and yields that often exceed 500 grams indoors or out. This feminized seed has just enough Indica to balance out the slightly speedy buzz, but the overall effect is very uplifting, cerebral & clear. Jacky White has a distinct grapefruit aroma and a citrus/haze flavour.

    Delahaze is the perfect choice if Sativa normally makes you feel a little anxious. The creeping high comes on slow and smooth with absolutely no panic. Delahaze is a 70% Sativa with high yields, fast finishes, tropical mango fragrances and classic Haze flavours.

    Although traditional Sativas are known for their outlandishly long finish times, all three of these premium blends mature at a very fast rate. Combine this with the Rhino’s speedy shipping times and you’ll be ready to go in no time! Give the Rhino a chance and he’ll make you grin just like these cannabis seeds!

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    When you buy premium cannabis seeds developed by Paradise Seeds, you always get the genuine article! This breeder has won more than 30 Cups since they opened their Amsterdam shop in 1980s, and they continue to offer the exact same championship blends to their loyal customers. Using strict propagation methods and the tightest quality controls, Paradise Seeds guarantees you'll get exactly what you expect with each and every one of their stunning marijuana seeds. For true connoisseur quality, choose from their extensive live of regular, feminized and automatic beans.