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Amnesia Mistery thumbnail

Amnesia Mistery

Amnesia Mistery is an unforgettable Sativa with complex flavours and fragrances paired with a pleasant, creative high. With 21% THC and enormous yields, who cares if we ever know the answer to Amnesia
Black Widow thumbnail

Black Widow

New form Positronics - An effective medical strain with sedative and relaxing proprieties originating on its high CBD content. Floral aroma, menthol aftertaste.
Blue Rhino thumbnail

Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino is the result of careful selection with the aim of producing one of the most exquisite and powerful hybrid that breeders want. This is a plant with a special look, with a huge central cola,
Caramelice thumbnail


Caramelice concentrates the flavor and the aroma of his parents, while presenting greater resistance to mold and a notable early flowering. From the fifth week will begin to assume the typical intense
Claustrum thumbnail


Characteristics: a cross between the best available Sativa strain, with a terrific hybrid vigor. Clear and energetic high, not to smoke before slipping!
Collectors Special Edition - Indica Pack thumbnail

Collectors Special Edition - Indica Pack

2 seeds of each Indica strain available on Positronics Seeds catalogue: - Black Widow - Critical#47 - Blue Rhino
Collectors Special Edition - Sativa Pack thumbnail

Collectors Special Edition - Sativa Pack

Collectors Special Edition 2 seeds of each Sativa strain available on Positronics Seeds catalogue: - Claustrum - Jack Diesel - Purple Haze#1
Critical Express thumbnail

Critical Express

Critical Express may be the absolute best autoflowering cannabis seed ever bred! Created using Critical Mass, Positronic’s top champion, and Lowryder 2, the gold-standard for Ruderalis, Critical Expre
Critical#47 thumbnail


A perfect cross between two of the sweetier strain available on the world. Strong mango and peach aroma and taste, with a vanille touch. Powerul and tipically Indica high, relaxing and cerebral, incre
Cum Laude thumbnail

Cum Laude

Cum Laude takes top honours for drunken euphoria & creative head highs! A triple-hybrid of three pure Sativas, Cum Laude takes you on a pleasant ride to the land where dreams come from. Endorsed by Sp
Jack Diesel thumbnail

Jack Diesel

Two pillars of the Cannabis world that crossed togheter has produced a variety that reaches and exceeds the origins. The strength of one of the most popular hybrid in the world, Jack Herer, added to t
MayDay Express thumbnail

MayDay Express

Step up to a powerful autoflowering cannabis seed with Positronic’s MayDay Express. This is Positronic’s first venture into the Automatic market, and they’ve outdone themselves. MayDay Express offers
Purple Haze#1 thumbnail

Purple Haze#1

Produced from Mexican, South Indian and Thai variety until the '70, this plant has an incredible resin development. Produce a clear and energetic high. This tipically outdoor Sativa is a very, very d
SoMango 47 thumbnail

SoMango 47

How can you pass up a seed that was nicknamed The Beast in its very first year of production? New for 2011, SoMango 47 is burning up the online forums with stories about how good it really is. Buy SoM
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