Amnesia Mistery
Amnesia Mistery is an unforgettable Sativa with complex flavours and fragrances paired with a pleasant, creative high. With 21% THC and enormous yields, who cares if we ever know the answer to Amnesia Mistery’s genetic riddle!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    New for 2011, Amnesia Mistery is a potent, high-yielding strain with 21% THC, 1200 gr/seed yields outside and 500 gr/m2 inside. These Feminized Seeds need 82 to 88 days to finish, but that’s not surprising for a strain of this size. Amnesia Mistery Seeds are real monsters!

    Amnesia Mistery Feminized is one of the most complex strains we’ve ever seen. During its lifecycle, the aroma is predominantly piney with just a hint of menthol. As the smoke dries, the fragrance matures to a spicy smell with a touch of coffee and licorice.

    • Amnesia Mistery is a New Positronic’s Marvel!!
    • 21% THC – 0.2% CBD
    • 500 gr/m2 Inside – 1200 gr/seed Outside
    • Afghani Hawaiian X Jamaican X Laos X a Mysterious Cali Sativa

    As Amnesia Mistery begins to flow over your tongue, you’ll notice an acid quality along with spice and wood. From there it goes to an incense-like flavour before finishing off with citrus.

    Amnesia Mistery Feminized Cannabis Seeds are highly resistant to mould with a very cerebral high. They’re somewhat hedonistic and decadent with an ability to stimulate the imagination, the perfect choice for artists or any creative type. The smiles always come easy with a little Positronic’s Amnesia Mistery on board!

    Flowering Time
    9-12 weeks
    Thc Level
    High : 15% +
    Flowering Outdoors
    Late October
    Height Notes
    Very Tall - A Huge Sativa
    Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Strain Notes
    Pleasantly Euphoric & Creative
    THC Notes
    Flowering Time Notes
    82 to 88 Days
    Cannabis Genetics
    Afghan Hawaiian X Laos X Jamaican X ????
    Outdoor Yield
    800 to 1200 gr/seed
    Indoor Yield
    400 to 500 gr/m2

    If you’re ready to buy Amnesia Mistery, you’ve made an excellent choice! In addition to primo cannabis seeds, you’ll also get the white-glove treatment with benefits like:

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    When you buy Amnesia Mistery Cannabis Seeds from the Rhino, you’re always treated like Royalty!

    Who cares what's in there - Amnesia Mistery is top-shelf!
    Jack - 23 July 2012 02:09:21
    Positronics does it again! Love this new strain.
    Steve - 23 July 2012 02:09:59
    Great seed - just like the description! You will not be disappointed by this one.
    Owen - 23 July 2012 02:10:36
    It takes a bit to get there, but it's all smooth after you arrive. Good times!
    Martin - 23 July 2012 02:11:10
    No complaints here. Fast delivery, great prices, fresh seeds - it's all good!
    Wilson - 23 July 2012 02:11:44

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