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Shiva thumbnail


Totally hardcore, only Shiva has the power to earn the name previously given to the Hindu God of Destruction! Shiva is an intense, 100% Indica with spicy aromas, obese nuggs and heavy stones that’ll p
Sleeping Dog thumbnail

Sleeping Dog


Put an end to restless nights & endless yawns with Sleeping Dog, a potent therapeutic cannabis seed with devastating stones and rock-hard nuggs! Sleeping Dog is a soothing mix of Alien OG genetics & M

Sour P thumbnail

Sour P

Sour P intensifies NYC Diesel’s flavour & power to take these feminized seeds to record-breaking heights. Revved up to maximum overdrive with a 22% THC rating & soaring psychedelic highs, Sour P is a
Sugar Loaf Feminized thumbnail

Sugar Loaf Feminized

A vigorous F1 hybrid, Sugar Loaf Feminized is filled with psychoactive power! This top-quality cannabis seed is a little trippy and highly productive. Make sure you give Sugar Loaf Feminized plenty of
Syrup Auto thumbnail

Syrup Auto

Syrup Auto is a powerful autoflowering hybrid that soothes your sweet tooth while it blows your mind with a deep, narcotic effect. Highly medicinal and totally delicious, Syrup is a rich Indica-domina
Taskenti Feminized thumbnail

Taskenti Feminized

Taskenti Feminized is a hash lover’s dream seed! Extremely resinous & aromatic, Taskenti Feminized is a very stable Uzbekistan Indica with high yields and extreme power. These cannabis seeds are best
White Widow Feminized thumbnail

White Widow Feminized

White Widow Feminized stand the test of time as the absolute best strain of the modern era. With 18.9% THC, 8-week finishes & the thickest coating of resin we’ve ever seen, it’s easy to see why White
Witch Hunt thumbnail

Witch Hunt


End your search for the ultimate medicinal smoke with Witch Hunt, a 5-way hybridization of the world’s best strains. Witch Hunt is a heavy-duty Indica with lasting stones that relax your body until ev

Witches Brew thumbnail

Witches Brew


Witches Brew is a spooky mix of Zenfandel & Merlot that lifts you up & lays you down at the exact same time! This vigorous hybrid relaxes the body & lifts the mood with a magical combination of top-sh

Wizard's Potion thumbnail

Wizard's Potion

Wizard’s Potion is so good you wouldn’t let it die! This extremely physical cannabis seed is back for 2012 by popular demand. Don’t miss this chance to cast your own magical spell with Wizard's Potion
Zenfandel OG thumbnail

Zenfandel OG


Set down that wine glass & pick up your pipe! Zenfandel OG is a potent medicinal strain known for its intensely calming properties and thick, frosty appearance. If you need to take the edge off, Zenfa

Showing 41-51 of 51