Auto Osiris
With Auto Osiris, you don't give up a thing to get the ease & simplicity of autoflowering cannabis seeds! This baby rocks with 17% THC, 550-gram yields & a 70-day lifecycle. Auto Osiris will most definitely change the way you collect forever!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • 17% THC - 7 Weeks
  • Buy Auto Osiris Now!
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds


Auto Osiris - Even Better than the Original Goddess of the Weed!

How does Pyramid Seeds do it? They rocked our world with the original Osiris, then amazed us by automating this god-like bean to turn it into Auto Osiris without losing a thing! Like a crazed robot, these intense AutoFems pump out 550 grams of powerful smoke in just 7 weeks like clockwork. They're awesome!

Auto Osiris Seeds still have that same decadent power and delicious fruity essence of a White Widow/AK47 cross, but just a hint of Ruderalis removed much of the complexity from collecting this stupendous hybrid. Sit back, relax & enjoy the show!

  • Auto Osiris is Autoflowering Perfection!
  • 17% THC - Insane!
  • 550-Gram Yields - 70 Days from Seed
  • White Widow X AK47 X Ruderalis!

Can you believe Pyramid's Auto Osiris reaches an amazing 17% THC level? That's even more than many standard cannabis seeds can deliver. No watered-down autoflowering genetics here!

Besides her incredible speed, Auto Osiris Feminized's biggest change is her height. The automatic modification dropped this turbo-charged seed down from a maximum of 160 cm to a much more manageable 120 cm. Hear that cha-ching? It's the Rhino stamp of approval going postal on this beastie!

1 Seed
5 Seeds
Flowering Time
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Yield Notes
500 to 550 Grams
Flowering Outdoors
55 Days
Height Notes
60 to 120 Cm
Sativa / Indica Mix
THC Notes
Flowering Time Notes
7 Weeks from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
White Widow X AK47 X Ruderalis

Buy Auto Osiris Cannabis Seeds today, and they'll be there in no time! The Rhino personally supervises our shipping department and never lets anyone leave until every single discreet mailer is out the door. You'll be amazed at how fast we can be with the Big Man breathing down our necks.

With our extremely low prices, an amazing selection and our 100% Delivery Guarantee, Rhino Seeds isn't your standard seed bank - we're 5-stars all the way. Buy Auto Osiris today and discover the difference!

Once it's all over, it's hard to believe this is an auto. great stuff!
Fuzzy - 28 July 2012 17:30:27
5-star quality, excellent prices, it's all good!
Josh - 28 July 2012 17:31:02
Amazing, truly amazing - and I'm back for more! Can't get enough of this one.
John - 28 July 2012 17:31:59
never thought i'd like an auto, but this one changed my mind. guess you can teach an old dog a new trick or two.
frank - 28 July 2012 17:33:01
Life is good with <b>Auto Osiris</b>! Very easy to collect and amazingly good.
perry - 28 July 2012 17:33:38

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • 17% THC - 7 Weeks
  • Buy Auto Osiris Now!

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Auto Osiris is a magnificent autoflowering seed created by the Pyramid Seeds' brand. For more than 20 years, Pyramid Seeds has been satisfying the needs of connoisseurs around the globe. Do yourself a favour & fill up on authentic Pyramid Seeds - at Rhino Seeds, you can afford to try them all!