Northern Light
A long-time champion, Northern Light is the gold standard for beginners & easy indoor grows. Pyramid Seeds’ Northern Light is no weak imitation; this version is the best & rarest phenotype of the original NL.
  • Best Indoor Strain
  • Multi-Cup Winner
  • 19% THC – Very High
  • 350 Gram Yields
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Pyramid SeedsNorthern Light is the Strongest & Rarest Phenotype in the NL Family!

Northern Light is the absolute first strain ever developed specifically for indoor use. The only thing that keeps this midget-sized feminized seed from being a true stealth strain is her impressive odour, nothing that a first-rate filtration system can’t handle.


Practically every well-known breeder offers Northern Light Seeds making it a little confusing for many collectors, especially new ones. Some of these products are the real deal, and others are reproductions. Pyramid SeedsNorthern Light is a very potent, extremely rare phenotype of the very first NL ever bred.

  • This Northern Light is a Rare Form of the Original!
  • 90% Indica & 19% THC – Extremely Relaxing & Physical!
  • 350-Gram Yields with a 55-Day Finish
  • Winner of Numerous Competitions including Spannabis

Pyramid Seeds Northern Light has won a number of prestigious cannabis competitions including Spannabis and “La Bella Flor.” With 19% THC, 90% Indica genetics and one of the deepest, most relaxing stones on the planet, you’ll love these seeds – we guarantee it!

If you’re so green than the original Northern Light seems like too much to deal with, check out Auto Northern Lights, another high-performance, fully autoflowering marijuana seed crafted by Pyramid Seeds. The Rhino sells this extremely simple bean for the cheapest price!

Recommended Indoor
Flowering Time
7-8 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Yield Notes
350 gr.
Flowering Outdoors
Height Notes
60/90 cm
Cup Winner
Sativa/Indica Notes
10% Sativa, 90% Indica
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Strain Notes
Rare NL Phenotype
THC Notes
Flowering Time Notes
55 to 60 Days

Buy Northern Light Cannabis Seeds from Rhino Seeds & get them faster than ever! The Rhino has personally implemented a state-of-the-art dispatch system that means 99% of our orders are shipped the very next business day.

By state-of-the-art, we mean the Big Man guards the door with a loaded AK-47 until we get all those discreet mailers packed and in the post. He’s a hard one when it comes to serving the herd. Buy Northern Light today and find out what we mean!

This is the real deal, a true Northern Lights seed in every way. If you have any doubts about which one to choose, make it this one.
Barry - 02 August 2012 22:25:07

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  • Best Indoor Strain
  • Multi-Cup Winner
  • 19% THC – Very High
  • 350 Gram Yields

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This Northern Light’s strain originates from Pyramid Seeds, a proven designer of high-grade feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Every single strain in this catalog offers extreme power, decadent flavours & unbelievable effects. Order today & enjoy tomorrow!