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Blueberry x Haze. Soaring cerebral high, delicious Haze taste.
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Blessings OG

Fill your life with blessings and joy with our latest hybrid intended to enhance your appreciation for a complex fruity Kush combination that will enhance your medicating experience.
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Bleu Berries

With a sweet, sugary taste & an aroma that’s just as yummy, Bleu Berries is a very pleasant smoke! To lighten this Indica’s deep stones, Bleu Berries has a Sativa punch that’ll lift you up and never l
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Blood Orange


How's that for the flavour combo of the century? Toss in medical-grade power, tremendous yields & top-rated bag appeal and Blood Orange is a real keeper. Enjoy!

  • AE77 Cali-O X Appalachia
  • Soothing Both Mentally & Physically
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Blue Cheese

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Blue Crazy

Blue Crazy is insanely strong but totally calm. It’s the perfect choice if you crave a little smoke but worry about anxiety, nervousness or paranoia. Blue Crazy has an extremely sweet taste paired wit
Blue Fin thumbnail

Blue Fin

Blue Fin is a rock-hard mix of Old Time Moonshine and the infamous Cindy 99 that combines hashy Blueberry with uplifting Haze. As an Indica-dominant strain, Blue Fin hits the body like a ton of bricks
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Blue Haze

A unique cross between the homegrown Haze and the Blueberry, with a classy sweet musky taste with a strong stone. The growing characteristics are of the body of the Indica, with the length of the S
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Blue Iguana

Backed by championship genetics, Blue Iguana is a way cool reptile! Blue Iguana is a premium mix of Double Dutch Lady and Old Time Moonshine with a full dose of thick colas coating its branchy structu
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Blue Moonshine


Blue Moonshine is a SUPER potent Blueberry Indica is short, yields high, and is said to be ideal for the indoor Cannabis gardener growing in a vertically limited space.

Blue Pearl thumbnail

Blue Pearl

New in 2004. This is a cross of our prize winning Blue Haze with a Silver Pearl mother. This mostly sativa strain has a soft taste and a strong 'high' effect.The yield from Blue Pearl is very good and
Blue Tara thumbnail

Blue Tara

Blue Thunder thumbnail

Blue Thunder

Blending the proven Blueberry and the famous Matanuska Tundra resulted in one of our most important and flavorful hybrids. This giant produces large, tight, aromatic buds with an uplifting high. The t
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Original Blueberry is an Indica/Sativa (80/20) Cannabis strain with Thai and Oaxacan parentage first developed in the late 1970's that is well known for its euphoric high, long shelf life, its fruity
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With its fruity aroma, the blueberry flavor won this Cannabis strain an award in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup with its pleasantly euphoric high that is quite long lasting and has a strong shelf li
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Blueberry Bud thumbnail

Blueberry Bud

Blueberry Bud can only be described as fruitastic! An intense Indica with unforgettable stones & lush flavours, Blueberry Bud is a brilliant choice.
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Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband - What A Fashion Statement!

Blueberry Headband is a smokin' hot mix of 76 Blueberry, Pre '98 Bubba Kush, Emerald OG & Cali Sour D that tastes like a greasy diesel engine crossed with a bowl of fresh blueberries - it's freakishly good!

  • 50% Indica: 50% Sativa - Balanced Perfection!
  • Pungent Diesel X Sweet Berry X Spicy Pepper
Bob Marleys Best thumbnail

Bob Marleys Best

This classical F1 hybrid is an absolute winner! A strain that needs to take well taken care of. The result is a large plant with a hazey taste and a great high.
Bomb Seeds Edam Bomb thumbnail

Bomb Seeds Edam Bomb

Nothing satisfies your cravings for pungent power like Edam Bomb! With more flavour, more power and more volume, Edam Bomb tantalizes your taste buds while it feeds your head!
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