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A selection of mixed indoor varieties of excellent parentage including Skunk, NL, Haze, and Afghan. Highly recommended for the first time grower or those that search for an economic solution to their
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Durango OG

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Durban Puts South African Sativa Within Reach!

Sensi Seeds' Durban is exactly the same as the famous sub-tropical Sativa only it's been slightly refined to tolerate cooler climates. Enjoy your flight!

  • 50-70 Days - Extremely Fast for a 90% Sativa
  • XL Yields of Top-Quality Smoke - Pure Euphoria
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Durban Poison

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Durban Poison

It is a 100% Pure Sativa variety that has been stabilized genetically to grow in a predictable fashion. Durban Poison produces relatively small buds, but the high granted is very racy, motivational, and unexpected.
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Durban Poison

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Durban Poison Amazing Special

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Durban Skunk

Durban Poison is a pure sativa originating from South Africa, and was selected in the early 1970’s by Sacred Seeds. It is famous for its early flowering and quick harvest. Cultivators Choice created Durban x Skunk No. 1 in the early 1980’s. The cross with
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Durga Mata

This is a cross of two super Shivas, selected for their resin content. The girl is mind blowing but nevertheless tasteful and she is easy to grow. A plant to get familiar with the world of cannabis.
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Experienced growers like this because of its unique genetics and its hardiness. The taste is described as being sweet with a hint of fresh fruit followed by an intense yet relaxing high.
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Dutch Automatic

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Dutch Dragon

This dragon of Dutch descent is a spectacular plant for indoor growing. High yields with short flowering period. Superb quality along with long sticky kolas. It's sweet taste and strong potency makes
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Dutch Hope

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Dutch Passion Flo Regular


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Dutch Passion Master Kush Regular

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Dutchmans Royal Orange

A real Royal treat. Developed in California and Holland this is a F-1 hybrid.
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Early Bud

Early Bud is a new and improved version of Early Girl delivering a smoother smoke and strong high. Early Bud is one of the earlier maturing selections in Nirvana Seeds outdoor collection. Early Bud h
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Early Durban

As comfortable outdoors in most temperate regions as indoors, Early Durban is a tough plant that will reward the grower with high yields quickly, mostly Sativa in nature with a cerebral/physical effec
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Early Haze

Early Haze is a limited edition mix of Early Queen & Afghan Haze that delivers that amazing Sativa quality you crave in practically no time. Within 8 to 11 weeks, you could be drooling over 600 grams

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