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THC Bomb

What more do you need to know? THC Bomb lights you up with amazing power, smashing yields, proven vigour and a to-die-for flavour! If you never settle for anything less than the absolute best, THC Bom
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Tasman Haze

On 13th December 1642, Abel Tasman, that famous Dutch explorer was the first european to discover the islands of New-Zealand. He saw a beautiful land, lush and green with forests, with crystal clear rivers and lakes and a climate very good for growing.
The Merkabah thumbnail

The Merkabah

The Merkabah takes legendary OG Kush to a much higher level with a rich influx of pure Afghani landrace genetics. In fact, testing says that The Merkabah yields at least 60% more than your favorite OG. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?
Thunderbolt thumbnail


Thunderbolt is Sagamartha's cross of Yumboldt and Matanuska Tundra. Yields are good and flowering times quoted as under 7 weeks! A medium sized plant with good strength delving and an old school buz
Tikal Seeds thumbnail

Tikal Seeds

From ACE Seeds comes the central American Cannabis strain Tikal. Originating from the jungles of Guatemala, Tikal is fairly easy to control and cultivate, requiring next to no special skills to reall
Trinity Kush thumbnail

Trinity Kush

Trinity Kush is a Rock-Solid Old-School Weed Seed

Bursting with old-school goodness, Trinity Kush is named in honour of Trinity County located right next door to the infamous Humboldt. You'll love this classic mellow Indica!

  • Proven Mix of 76 Afghan & Master Kush
  • 8-9 Weeks, Short & Stout, 90% Indica
Walkabout thumbnail


A selection of mixed outdoor strains with all genetics of supreme sources including Thai, Haze, Indian, Early Skunks, Mexicans and New Guinea.
Western Winds thumbnail

Western Winds

With an invigorating buzz and a spiritual essence, Western Winds is a Haze lover’s wet dream. Whether you’re itching for a night filled with conversation or something a little more erotic, Western Win
White Castle thumbnail

White Castle

A potent white strain, White Castle has kept the icy features of its White Widow mom while pumping up the volume thanks to an Ice dad. True to its Indica/Sativa genetics, White Castle impacts the mind
White Haze thumbnail

White Haze

Winner of First Prize for Sativa in the 2002 Cannabis Cup, White Haze is a new variation on the classic Haze strain. We succeeded in boosting the already superb trichome production, while reducing the
White Ice thumbnail

White Ice

A three-way hybrid of Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk and an original Afghani hash plant cultivar, White Ice is a super-thick, fast-flowering, Indica-dominant cannabis strain. This seed variety is na
White Island thumbnail

White Island

White Island is an active volcanic island, constantly belching great white clouds of steam and gas into the air just off the coast of New Zealand. Not far away overlooking all this is the fine cannabis growing region of 'Bay of Plenty'. It has been clai
White Label Rhino thumbnail

White Label Rhino

This intensely potent hybrid has been bred to maximise the resin content and yield of the famous White Widow. White Label Rhino is an enhancement of Widow, in the same way that Super Skunk improves on
White Light thumbnail

White Light

White Light is a cross of Bubblegum and White Widow and is my most bubblegum smelling plant. It tastes like candy. It takes 10 to 11 weeks to finish so don't pick it too soon. The bud is quite dense w
White Skunk thumbnail

White Skunk

An excellent variety for first-time growers, White Skunk will also be of interest to those connoisseurs who know that high quality cannabis genetics can still be obtained at a reasonable price. Like a
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

White Widow is one of Dutch Passion’s MOST acclaimed varieties of recent years in Holland. These Cannabis plants are white washed with THC glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves. This is truly a
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

A coffee-shop favourite, White Widow is a true legend filled with power, covered in crystals and knockin’ ‘em out left and right. One of the fastest strains on the market, White Widow is sweet and tas
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

As one of the biggest names in the cannabis industry, White Widow is a legendary powerhouse that pumps out high volumes of sticky, THC-laced trichomes. A captivating Sativa-dominant hybrid, White Widow is an energizing strain that has an amazing array of
White Widow Seeds thumbnail

White Widow Seeds

A legendary champion, White Widow is a frosty favourite! With high yields, speedy finishes and beastly power, White Widow will do more than satisfy your needs – it’ll win your heart!
White Widow X The Ultimate thumbnail

White Widow X The Ultimate

You asked for it, and you got it! Dutch Passion created White Widow X The Ultimate to answer the demands of their greedy fans with a super-sticky, highly productive, turbo-charged mix of their two mos
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