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5 / 5
5 / 5
Train wreck was my 2ND favorite this trip to 2007 High Times cannabis cup in Amsterdam. There aren't many that can compare to this herb. Amnesia and Strawberry haze were quite impressive. DEFINITE HEAD STASH.
5 / 5
This is top shelf!!! I got a clone from Oregon, my ohhhh my!!!
5 / 5
First time i used rhinoseeds excellent response in delivery and all 10 seeds cracked and already sprouted, happy growing
5 / 5
bought 2 packs fast delivery 5 days to states had 19 out of 20 pop very nice will keep updated on progress.
5 / 5
Yet to Pop Seeds but must give RHINO alot of credit for FAST and Discreet Delivery.....Highly reccomended....I trust all will be A+.... -D
4 / 5
this was deffinatly the stinkiest bud ive grown the plants where again very similar in size and yeild the potency wasnt as strong as the other strains but is still very potent only one plant out of 4 was frosted all over with thc the rest where just nicely coated the taste is quit mild i think in context with the smell i dont really find this strain nice smelling at all more of a real stinky skunky smell not fruity at all the yield was quit good i got about 7 oz of dry bud off of 4 plants i would recommend this to anyone who wants a bit of stinkier skunk to more blow ya mind away as a opposed to something fruity thats more chilled out
5 / 5
Just wanted to say thanks to Rhinoseeds, this is my 2nd order, i love how my order comes quick and in a padded envolope, so i know they will not be damaged, thanks rhino
5 / 5
i had 20 of these seeds cracked them and i let nature take its course.after 9 wks ? man coudnt get my hat on ,the high was intense,coudnt move total confusion and then bang?hence the name trainwreck?the high is like being hit by a train believe u me.5 out of 5 for this strain.ONLY 4 THE HARDCORE?averaged 7-8 per plant and let her go the 9 i say u get the best 4 that extra week believe u me?
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