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Top 44
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Top 44 is a terrible strain. Most plants stretched so much that they surpassed my 1000 watt HPS. The buds on the stretched plants were so thin and whispy that they are not even smokeable. Three plants stayed short and produced some good bud, but they were all hermaphrodites. I grew two crops of this crap, and I will say that it was a waste of time, money and effort. 44 days to flower?, try more like 75 on the stretched ones. Don't buy this strain!
Light & CO,
4 / 5
Ive just smoked some of the first batch of top44 and its a fine and pleasant smoke,
4 / 5
Top 44 is a COMMERCIAL strain! Any grower worth their salt knows about training and topping so if a grower allows a plant to grow out of control its the GROWER at fault. That being said, there ARE 2 different pheno's, a squat indica like plant and a more sativa like sister. If you are NOT a commercial grower and you have a favorite sativa, the fastest squat plant would make a good cross. The plant IS susceptible to light leaks, so make sure you are a good enough grower who UNDERSTANDS 12 hrs dark! This is NOT East Coast Sour Diesel, its a fairly competant commercial strain for the commercial grower who wants more crops per year!
PopSickel Crew,
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As a first time grower, I had mixed results. However, that was probably due to my inexperience. I couldnt ever get the density that I wanted, but the buds were definitely crystalled out. The smoke was satisfying and more powerful than I thought it was going to be for a "commercial" early strain. There was even a decent fruity smell to it. Didnt stink up the house as much as some indicas Ive grown since.
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