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AK48 Auto thumbnail

AK48 Auto

AK48 Auto combines AK-47’s power with Lowryder’s speed & simplicity to create an unbeatable autoflowering strain. When you need to hit your target within 8 to 9 weeks from tiny bean, AK48 Auto is your
Double Diesel Ryder thumbnail

Double Diesel Ryder

Double Diesel Ryder is an improved NYC Diesel that’s faster, denser, tastier and even smellier than the original! Get your jars & filtration system ready for this baby. Double Diesel Ryder is too stro
Lowboldt Automatic thumbnail

Lowboldt Automatic

Get all that delicious Yumboldt flavour & aroma in a superfast autoflowering strain with Lowboldt Automatic! This pungent feminized seed gets it done in just 8 weeks. With this kind of speed, Lowboldt
Smurfberry Automatic thumbnail

Smurfberry Automatic

Every wonder why those bright blue Smurfs are always so frickin’ happy? Take a hit of Smurfberry Automatic, the world’s fastest, sweetest Blueberry, and discover a little magic of your own. Smurfberry
Solo Ryder thumbnail

Solo Ryder

As the “Ryder” in the majority of Sagarmatha’s AutoFem Seeds, Solo Ryder is pure autoflowering perfection! Small, stealthy, powerful and covered in a thick coating of powdery-white resin, Solo Ryder i
Star Ryder thumbnail

Star Ryder

Created using the finest championship genetics, Star Ryder is the ultimate autoflowering Cannabis Seed. From start to finish, you’ll enjoy the lovely light blue hue and pleasant tastes and aromas that
White Russian Automatic thumbnail

White Russian Automatic

White Russian Automatic is a blizzard of power! This vigorous little autoflowering cannabis seed delivers 300 gr/m2 of potent weed & chill attitudes in just 8 weeks from seed. Nothing cures cabin feve
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Taking Autoflowering Genetics to the Highest Peak of Perfection!

After conquering the world of standard and feminized cannabis seeds, Sagarmatha Seeds has turned their eye on the autoflowering market. As the original breeder of the highest seeds on Earth, these new Autos promise to provide every collector with the power, energy and endurance required to ascend to a higher level of possibility!

  • Fully Autoflowering Beans Backed by the Sagarmatha Seeds Automatics Brand
  • Based on an International Mix of Ultra-Potent Landrace Strains
  • Makes Collecting Simple & Easy!
  • Every Automated Marijuana Seed is Guaranteed to Arrive!

Sagarmatha Seeds' automatic catalog is fairly small, but we don't expect it to stay that way for long! This breeder has one of the widest ranges of high-grade cannabis seeds on the planet, and now that they've turned their attention to this genre, it's only a matter of time before they fill it to the brim with powerful new strains that will knock you into next week!

While we're waiting for new releases, discover the true power of Sagarmatha Seeds! For raw power, check out AK48 Automatic. But if you choose your weed by sense of smell, we highly recommend Double Diesel Ryder. This smoke is so smelly that the breeder says skip the double-bagging and go right for the jar. Just don't blame us if you can't stop opening the lid for just one more sniff - it really is that good!

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