Smurfberry Automatic
Every wonder why those bright blue Smurfs are always so frickin’ happy? Take a hit of Smurfberry Automatic, the world’s fastest, sweetest Blueberry, and discover a little magic of your own. Smurfberry Automatic won’t turn you blue, but it’ll certainly pla
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Want to know what makes those little blue Smurfs so damn happy? You’d sing your head off too if you had enough Smurfberry Automatic to turn you that shade of blue. This super-sweet, ultra-fast Blueberry is guaranteed to make you feel Smurftastic!

    Smurfberry Automatic Feminized was created by turning the absolute best Blueberry phenotype into a fully autoflowering cannabis seed with the help of just a touch of Lowryder, the world’s finest Ruderalis strain. Now, you can get that scrumptious fruity flavour & smell plus a touch of colour in a throw-and-go bean!

    • Smurfberry Automatic is a Super-Fast, Ultra-Sweet Blueberry
    • Tiny & Blue Like a Smurf – Gargantuan Results!
    • Satisfying, Sensual, Strong, Sticky, Sweet & Stunning!
    • Up to 300 gr/m2 in Just 8 to 9 Weeks!

    Smurfberry AutoFem Seeds are just as tiny as their mini namesakes! This lovely Blue marijuana seed never exceeds 0.70 meters even though it puts out 300 gr/m2 of sweet, azure nuggs coated in sticky resin.

    They might be dwarf-sized, but Smurfberry Automatic Seeds have enough power to knock Gargamel on his skeevy ass! They’ll be a little kinder to you, but you’ll still enjoy the Smurfberry ride.

    Flowering Time
    Yield Notes
    300 gr/m2
    Height Notes
    0.5 to 0.7 Meters
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    Flowering Time Notes
    8 Weeks from Seed
    Cannabis Genetics
    Blueberry X Lowryder

    If you buy Smurfberry Automatic Cannabis Seeds, you’ll instantly fall in love with these magical blue beans. In fact, we guarantee it! If any of these marijuana seeds don’t live up to their reputation, just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

    Every weed seed sold at Rhino Seeds is backed by the Rhino’s personal 100% satisfaction guarantee. While the Big Man has your back, expand your horizons and buy Smurfberry Automatic today. You won't regret it!

    Loved the Smurfs as a kid. Now I love Smurfberry - it really is smurfalicious!
    Amber - 15 July 2012 01:56:23
    My girlfriend thought this was too cute to pass up, but they're awesome. Now, I'm a Smurf fan, too.
    Joe - 15 July 2012 01:57:07
    love this stuff - great blueberry strain
    stoney smurf - 15 July 2012 01:58:11
    It's Smurfy good!
    Papa Smurf - 15 July 2012 01:57:32
    all smurf jokes aside, this is a great strain. much better than i expected.
    drew - 15 July 2012 01:58:42

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