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Blackberry Feminized

They say that the darker the fruit, the sweeter the berry. And that couldn’t be more true with Blackberry Feminized! A witchy deep-purple, Blackberry is as delicious as she is beautiful!
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Blackjack Feminized

99.9% Female Black Jack from the Sativa Seedbank - probably one of the very few Jock Horror crosses available. Bred from steady genetics you can have complete faith with this strain. She produces h
Haze 13 Feminized thumbnail

Haze 13 Feminized

An international mix of the world’s best cannabis genes, Haze 13 Feminized is complex, intense and cerebral. If you’re looking for power, Haze 13 Feminized has it! This Sativa weighs in at a stonking
Sterling Haze Feminized thumbnail

Sterling Haze Feminized

The Sativa Seedbank have crossed their Haze with Northern Light. This is a classic F1 hybrid. Now available in Feminized variety
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100% Feminised Sativa Seeds Guaranteed

Rhino Seeds is very excited to be able to offer you these feminised Sativa gems that have really surpassed all other pure Sativa seeds on the market. Their Raspberry Cough, New York Power Diesel and Hawaii Maui Waui are particularly ludicrous.

  • 100% Feminised Seeds Guaranteed
  • Free Imperfect Seed Replacement
  • All Deliveries Guaranteed