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Sativa Seeds Haze 13 thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Haze 13

A way-cool Sativa, Haze 13 is intense! Very cerebral with an unbelievable rush, Sativa Seeds Haze 13 can reach 24% THC for soaring power.
Sativa Seeds Jock Horror thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Jock Horror

Sativa Seeds Jock Horror Auto-flowering Seeds. Produced from a Northern Light male and a Skunk Haze Ruderalis Female, she stands short and stout with a rich coating of THC glands. Distinctive Sativa h
Sativa Seeds Raspberry Cough thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Raspberry Cough

Sativa Seeds Raspberry Cough Feminized is a highly recognized medical strain thanks to its clear high and relaxing properties. An unusual plant covered in red hairs which can develop into blue in cool
Sativa Seeds Sterling Haze thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Sterling Haze

The Sativa Seedbank have crossed their Haze with Northern Light. This is a classic F1 hybrid.
Sterling Haze Feminized thumbnail

Sterling Haze Feminized

The Sativa Seedbank have crossed their Haze with Northern Light. This is a classic F1 hybrid. Now available in Feminized variety
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These Automatic Sativas will Blow Your Mind!

Although Sativa Seeds looks like a fairly new Dutch breeder, don't let them fool you! This company is actually an offshoot of legendary Nirvana Seeds. Due to the high demand for soaring head highs, this group decided to form a brand-new team to concentrate exclusively on preserving and developing the very best Sativa genetics in the world! If you're looking for the most awesome Sativa-dominant autoflowering cannabis seed on the planet, Sativa Seeds is your answer!

  • 100% Feminized for the Utmost Reliability
  • Mind-blowing Head Highs - Uplifting, Cerebral & Psychedelic
  • Cutting-Edge Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Make Sativa Easy for the Beginner
  • Backed By More than 20 Years of Experience & Know-How

If you're fairly new to the collection game, pay special attention to Sativa Seeds' line of autoflowering marijuana seeds. Traditional landrace Sativas and even Sativa-dominant hybrids can be very hard to work with if you don't have an extensive amount of experience. They're known to take months to finish and require quite a bit of maintenance for relatively small yields.

However, Sativas are legendary for unbelievable quality and extraordinary, psychedelic highs! In the past, virtually everyone agreed that the extra work was well worth the payoff. Through the magic of autoflowering cannabis seeds by Sativa Seeds, you can have all the quality, all the power and every bit of the high without any of the trouble. These beans finish exceptionally fast without compromise!

Even better, you can now get rock-bottom prices on Sativa Seeds' AutoFems right here at Rhino Seeds! Due to the Rhino's intimate relationship with Nirvana Seeds, we're able to get ultra-fresh automatics from this group at astonishingly low prices and ship them out the door so fast it'll make your head rush!

Buy Premium Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from Sativa Seeds Today!