Sativa Seeds Royal Flush
With Royal Flush, you never have to bluff to come out on top! A savage Sativa with a unique flavour, Royal Flush is a proven winner with a dangerous amount of power.
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Royal Flush isn’t the fastest bean in the bunch, but at 24% THC, it sure is the strongest. If you’ve been waiting for life to deal you a winning hand, this is it! With guaranteed results, you just can’t lose when you’re holding a Royal Flush.

    Even with this high power rating, Royal Flush Seeds aren’t couch-lockers. Instead, this uplifting Sativa can only be described as energizing. If you want to take the edge off but still function, Royal Flush is your go-to strain!

    • A Potent Sativa
    • Jack Horror X Eldorado
    • Sky-High 24% THC Levels
    • Huge 350 to 450 Gram Yields

    Characteristic of a powerful Sativa, Royal Flush Cannabis Seeds are long and lanky with plenty of internodes for a boatload of dank, sticky trichomes that’ll fill your stash to the bursting point. You won’t be disappointed!

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    Your new Royal Flush Seeds won’t look like this description although they are the real deal. Rhino Seeds only ships dormant items suitable for collection purposes. Don’t try to cultivate or germinate these seeds; both practices are illegal in the UK.

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    The demand for ultra-trippy Sativa cannabis seeds has increased so much in the past few years that Amsterdam's Nirvana Seeds decided to create a whole new division called Sativa Seeds just to handle their most electrifying strains. With an entire research group dedicated to designing brand-new psychedelic weed seeds like Raspberry Cough and New York Power Diesel, you can bet Sativa Seeds won't fall behind. If you'd like to discover true euphoria, check out Sativa Seeds today!