Auto Kush
Auto Kush is an extremely physical autoflowering cannabis seed that’s guaranteed to soothe your inner beast! Covered in sticky, potent resin, Auto Kush will instantly win your heart with her hashy flavours and big, fat nuggs.
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Deeply physical strains from the Hindu Kush have long been known to offer the most relaxing smoke in the world. Now, Auto Kush takes this ancient genetic marvel into the future with an autoflowering twist!

    Auto Kush Seeds are just as soothing and luxurious as their Hindu Kush mum, but they’re now even easier to work with. Even a rank amateur will be a smashing success with this potent hybrid!

    • Joint Doctor’s Lowryder #2 X Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush
    • Squat, Bushy, Vigorous & Super Sticky
    • Mostly Indica for Deep Physical Stones
    • Luxurious Auto Kush is Extra Plush & Double Strong!

    This short & squatty marijuana seed has a maximum height of 60 cm making it great for smaller spaces, balconies and patios. Auto Kush gets real bushy with large nuggs, plenty or resin and a hashy flavour. If you like Kush, you’re really gonna love this one!

    Here’s one more thing you gotta love! Every single Auto Kush Cannabis Seeds is backed by the no-bullshit Rhino Guarantee. If your beans aren’t absolutely perfect, we’ll replace them for free – no matter what. Absolutely no other seed bank does that. Don’t take our word for it; check for yourself!

    5 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    Height Notes
    60 cm
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Cannabis Genetics
    Lowryder #2 X Hindu Kush

    When you buy Auto Kush from Rhino Seeds, you’ll get these feminized seeds at the absolute best price on the web! The Rhino wheels, deals and steals to keep it that way. And, if someone pulls a fast one and prices their beans lower, just let us know. We’ll drop ours & make it up to you!

    In addition to the absolute lowest cost, you’ll get a few other perks at Rhino Seeds like super-fast delivery, discreet packaging and state-of-the-art security encryption to protect your valuable personal information. When you buy Auto Kush Cannabis Seeds, buy them from Rhino Seeds, the seed bank that cares!

    Super fast !! .A1 will be using again .
    sjpds2006 - 12 November 2012 09:31:09

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