White Widow
Gleaming like a shining star in a dark wasteland, White Widow Feminized is your new guiding light! A potent mix of Brazilian and South Indian genetics, this Sativa-dominant hybrid produces a bounty of top-shelf smokage in about 8 weeks!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Seedsman White Widow took the Netherlands by storm in the 1990s and the rest is history! Topping the local coffee shop menu boards, this strain is still the world’s favourite weed!

    This Sativa-dominant hybrid’s most noticeable feature earned White Widow her legendary name. Covered from top to bottom in delightful, gleaming crystals that look as white as powdered snow, this potent strain is a virtual THC blizzard!

    • Brazilian X South Indian – Wow!
    • High THC – Potent!
    • 8 Week Finish – Stupendous!
    • Sativa Dominant – The Good Stuff!

    As the world’s most popular strain, Seedsman White Widow Feminized Seeds are perfect for rank amateurs. This strain is easy on the newb while still offering a strong cerebral effect. Enjoy!

    At Rhino Seeds, we love a decked out White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seed, but we would never lead you astray. Your new beans are dormant collectibles that won’t resemble this description. Don’t forget that it’s illegal to cultivate or germinate weed seeds in the UK and most other areas.

    5 Pack
    10 Pack
    Flowering Outdoors
    End of October
    Strain Notes
    Plants white with crystals.
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    Seedsman Seeds has a long history of supplying the UK with an outstanding array of potent cannabis seeds, but their vision extends much further. In addition to preserving cannabis genetics for posterity, Seedsman is a strong advocate for legal reform in Great Britain as well as many other countries. Never one to just talk the talk, Seedsman is walking the walk by using a percentage of their profits to further the cause. If you'd like to see free access to amazing smoke, buy a Seedsman marijuana seed and join the revolution!