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Shiva Shanti 1 thumbnail

Shiva Shanti 1

This Afghani with its penetrating Indica aroma is one of the better yielders in the collection. It has a very pleasant and smooth taste. A beautiful plant named after the equally beautiful twin daugh
Shiva Shanti 2 thumbnail

Shiva Shanti 2

The Shiva Shanti ® is a 3 way hybrid which consists mostly of an Afghani strain that we call Garlic Bud because of its characteristic aroma . The Shiva Shanti II® contains a smaller proportion of t
Shiva Skunk thumbnail

Shiva Skunk

This cross between Skunk #1® and Northern Lights #5® is one of the most reliable varieties that we have ever produced. Excellent hybrid vigour and yield make this one a snap to grow. Works superbly in
Shiva Skunk thumbnail

Shiva Skunk

The Lord of Bhang is one of many titles given to the Hindu deity Shiva, and it's said that he discovered the amazing properties of cannabis while meditating amidst a stand of ganja plants.
Silver Haze thumbnail

Silver Haze

Although the cerebral high of the Sativa is preferred by many, indoor growers aren't too fond of this type; Sativas get very tall, take a long time to finish off and produce skimpy yields. We have spe
Skunk #1 thumbnail

Skunk #1

Originally an Indica-Sativa hybrid, Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 is now one of the most consistently performing true breeding strains in the world. Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 produces large buds with a very high ca
Skunk Kush thumbnail

Skunk Kush

A hybrid between our best Hindu Kush® and the famous Skunk #1®. It has the distinctive qualities of Skunk and the unique pungency of Kush together in a vigorous, even blend. Excellent indoor and gr
Showing 41-47 of 47

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