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Maple Leaf Indica thumbnail

Maple Leaf Indica

Maple Leaf Indica: The Hash-Lovers Cannabis Seed

As rich & pure as when her Mazar-i-Sharif ancestors were whisked out of pre-Soviet Afghanistan, Maple Leaf Indica is fast, sweet & extra sticky. Did someone say hash?

  • 100% Indica - Fast, Gooey & Begging for Extraction!
  • Smells & Tastes Like Sugary-Sweet Citrus
Marley's Collie thumbnail

Marley's Collie

Marley's Collie Is Sensi's Top Dawg!

When chillin' in Jamaica, ask for Collie & they'll know yu naa jesta. That's why Sensi named this outstanding weed seed Marley's Collie in honour of the legendary Ganja King!

  • Superb Mix of Jamaican Sativa & Afghani Indica
  • Heavy Buds & That Dank Green Oil Smell
Mexican Sativa thumbnail

Mexican Sativa

This Mexican Sativa is Muy Rapido, Even in the UK!

Experience authentic Mexican Sativa minus the tropical heat & extended wait with these amazing Sensi Seeds. These beasts have been fully refined to withstand the cool UK climate.

  • Oaxacan Sativa X Durban X Pakistani Hash Plant
  • 70% Sativa - 50 to 70 Day Finishes
Mexican Sativa Feminized thumbnail

Mexican Sativa Feminized

Strong Head High - 50-Day Finish!

How often do you come across a 70% Sativa capable of finishing in 7 weeks even in cold UK temps while still being able to send you on a bona fide rocket ride? Not too f'ing often - jump on this one while you can!

  • Complex Flavour Profile - Not Hazey
  • Tall & High Yielding - Very Rewarding
Mother's Finest thumbnail

Mother's Finest

Mother's Finest Voted Best Sativa of 2002!

Within months of release, Mother's Finest hit the big time with her very first High Times Cannabis Cup & she's still one of the best Sativas on the market today. Get'cha some!

  • 70% Sativa, 50-70 Day Finish, XL Yields
  • Haze-Dominant Jack Herer Pheno
Mr Nice G13 x Hashplant thumbnail

Mr Nice G13 x Hashplant

Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant - The Legend Lives!

Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant is so good, Sensi Seeds made this limited edition strain a regular part of their seed catalog. Once completely unattainable, you can get this 100% Indica for less at Rhino Seeds!

  • Large Yields, 50-60 Day Finishes, Pure Indica
  • Extremely Sticky with Very Hashy Flavours
Northern Lights thumbnail

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a Must-Have for Indoors!

If you're looking for fast, trouble-free finishes with monster yields so stealthy your big-nose neighbor couldn't sniff them out, you've just found it. Northern Lights is a true miracle strain!

  • Super-Fast 45-50 Day Finishes - Wooosh!
  • Discreet Aromas, Small Size, Large Yields
Northern Lights #5 X Haze thumbnail

Northern Lights #5 X Haze

NL5 X Haze Feminized: A True Rocket Ride!

Northern Lights #5 X Haze Feminized has just enough Indica to boost the yields & increase her speed, but she's a wicked-good Haze in every other way including her powerful psychedelic head highs.

  • 70% Sativa that Finishes in Just 65 to 70 Days!
  • Impressive Stretch Means You Can Totally Skip the Start
Northern Lights #5 x Haze thumbnail

Northern Lights #5 x Haze

Northern Lights #5 X Haze: Unsurpassed Power!

Northern Lights #5 X Haze has been stunning the cannabis community for years for 1 very good reason - modern strains can't surpass her unbridled Sativa power & uncontrollable Indica yields!

  • Multi-Cup Winner - Voluptuous & Earth Shaking!
  • XXL Yields, 65 to 70 Day Finish, 70% Sativa
Northern Lights Feminized thumbnail

Northern Lights Feminized

Northern Lights Feminized is a Stealthy Super Freak!

With practically no smell to give you away, Northern Lights Feminized are a go almost anywhere. Small, fast & frosty, these babies are the pure definition of low profile.

  • Finishes in 50 Days or Less
  • Recommended for Indoors & Beginners
Outdoor Mix thumbnail

Outdoor Mix

Outdoor Mix: Top-Rated Quality, Rock-Bottom Prices!

Get the best deal possible on 25 authentic Sensi Seeds with the Outdoor Mix Pack. Selected from Sensi's 5 best outdoor Indica strains, each one is better than the next.

  • Indica Dominant - Cold Hardy
  • A Random, Unmarked Selection
Ruderalis Indica thumbnail

Ruderalis Indica

Ruderalis Indica is Ready in 50 Days from Seed!

When you have to have it yesterday, rely on Sensi Seeds' Ruderalis Indica. This amazing cannabis seed has been proven over & over again to be simple, reliable & very fast.

  • 40-50 Day Cycles - 90% Indica
  • Very Medicinal, Mid-Range THC, High CBD
Ruderalis Skunk thumbnail

Ruderalis Skunk

Ruderalis Skunk: Putting Skunk #1 in the Fast Lane!

Ruderalis Skunk adds tremendous speed to Skunk #1 without sacrificing this legend's extreme power, high yields or top-rated vigour. She's great for cold or unpredictable climates.

  • Large Yields in 45 to 60 Days
  • 70% Indica with Skunk #1's Pungent Power
Big Bud thumbnail

Sensi Big Bud

Big Bud Says Go Big or Go Home!

For more premium smoke than you can handle, get Big Bud Seeds. These record-breaking cannabis seeds are even better than the clone-only version with enhanced power, improved aroma & absolutely perfect flavour.

  • Get Out the Tarps for These Babies - They Drip THC!
  • Only Needs 50 to 65 Days After the Flip - Very Fast
Sensi Feminised Mix thumbnail

Sensi Feminised Mix

Get Value & Variety with the Feminised Mix Pack

The sMix Pack is like a potent grab-bag of THC-enriched goodness. This randomly selected set of Sensi's best female seeds features championship genetics at schwag prices. Don't miss out!

  • Indicas & Sativas - Top-Rated Genetics
  • 20 Top-Shelf Seeds at Rock-Bottom Prices
Sensi Jack Flash #5 thumbnail

Sensi Jack Flash #5

Continuing the tradition of improving on our best work, Sensi Seeds is delighted to present Jack Flash - an all-female version of Jack Herers direct descendant!
Sensi Seeds Early Girl thumbnail

Sensi Seeds Early Girl

This is a mostly Indica variety, one of the earliest in this collection. Very potent, medium yield, with a hashy taste and aroma. These compact plants will tend to grow to one main stem. An ideal choi
Sensi Seeds Indoor Mix thumbnail

Sensi Seeds Indoor Mix

Spice Up Your Life with Sensi's Indoor Mix!

Can you believe it? Sensi put 25 of their best indoor & greenhouse seeds together & slapped a crazy-low price on this bad boy! It's a random mix of mostly Indica strains so get ready for a few brilliant surprises.

  • 25 Top-Shelf Cannabis Seeds Optimized for Indoors
  • Mostly Indicas with a Few Cup-Winning Sativas
Sensi Seeds Jack Herer thumbnail

Sensi Seeds Jack Herer

Jack Herer Seeds Make the Best MMJ!

Check it out! Dutch pharmacies fill prescriptions for MMJ with genuine Jack Herer. That's an even better recommendation than JH's 9+ Cup wins. Buy yours today!

  • Unbelievably Thick Resin - Generous Yields
  • Soaring Head Highs + Earth-Shaking Body Stones
Sensi Seeds Silver Pearl thumbnail

Sensi Seeds Silver Pearl


This 3-way hybrid contains Early Pearl®, Skunk #1® and Northern Lights®. This hybrid is quicker and sweeter than the Shiva Skunk®. Excellent indoor and greenhouse results.

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