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Auto Assassin Feminized thumbnail

Auto Assassin Feminized

Auto Assassin Feminized is a formula for disaster! This strain mixes a deadly AK-47 with a super-secret Short Stuff Sativa for killer highs and wicked yields in just 8 short weeks. Knock ‘em dead with
Dr Feelgood Feminized thumbnail

Dr Feelgood Feminized

Ready to go from achy mess to highly relaxed coolness? Dr Feelgood Feminized is the potent Indica dwarf that can make it happen! Short, fast & automatic, Dr Feelgood Feminized pumps out up to 50 grams
Himalaya Blue Diesel Feminized thumbnail

Himalaya Blue Diesel Feminized

Himalaya Blue Diesel Feminized has it all! It mixes up Blueberry, Kush and Diesel with both feminized and autoflowering features and a couchlocking stone. If you’ve been looking for a strain that no o
Mi5 Feminized thumbnail

Mi5 Feminized

MI5 Feminized is resinous, euphoric and super easy! A rich cross of AK-47 genetics, MI5 Feminized is a potent Indica/Sativa hybrid that will lift you up and make you laugh your ass off.
Russian Rocket Fuel Feminized thumbnail

Russian Rocket Fuel Feminized

Are you ready for liftoff? With automatic power and a highly euphoric effect, Russian Rocket Fuel Feminized is ready to carry you wherever you need to go! Russian Rocket Fuel is a high-yielding shorti
Sharkbite Feminized thumbnail

Sharkbite Feminized

If you’re brave enough to tempt Sharkbite Feminized-infested waters, a bounty of smooth, seductive smoke will be your just reward. Sharkbite Feminized is a tiny autoflowering dwarf with high THC level
Short Stuff Seeds Blue Himalaya Feminized thumbnail

Short Stuff Seeds Blue Himalaya Feminized

This exotic little lady brings the mystery of the Orient to your collection! A new hybrid developed by Short Stuff Seeds, Blue Himalaya Feminized is a complex mix of Kush, Blueberry, and an unnamed au
Short Stuff Seeds Onyx Feminized thumbnail

Short Stuff Seeds Onyx Feminized

By mixing several vibrant hues, you’ll eventually create a rich black with more depth than any pre-made pigment. Although the exact mix is a trade secret, Short Stuff Onyx Feminized has earned her nam
Snowryder Feminized thumbnail

Snowryder Feminized

Just like dynamite, Snowryder Feminized packs a mega-ton of explosive power in a tiny little package! At just 10 to 15 inches tall, Snowryder Feminized is one of the smallest and most potent autoflowe
Super Cali Haze Feminized thumbnail

Super Cali Haze Feminized

After many years spent refining this auto Haze strain, Stitch managed to cross a Ruderalis with a special Haze, make it 100% autoflowering, cross it again with resinous Colombian mother from Californi
Super Stinky thumbnail

Super Stinky

Super Stinky is practically putrid – but in a good way! These autoflowering cannabis seeds have a full load of Sativa power paired with Skunk’s faster finish & bigger yields. Plus, nothing smells up t
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