Sharkbite Feminized
If you’re brave enough to tempt Sharkbite Feminized-infested waters, a bounty of smooth, seductive smoke will be your just reward. Sharkbite Feminized is a tiny autoflowering dwarf with high THC levels, an 8-week lifecycle & 40-gram yields!
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Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Sharkbite Feminized is a Tiny Autoflowering Seed with Lethal Power – She’s Killer!

These autoflowering cannabis seeds explode with nuclear-grade power in just 8 to 9 weeks. In that short timeframe, Sharkbite Feminized Auto pumps out 40 grams of smooth, seductive smoke.

Sharkbite Feminized Seeds mix an even amount of Indica and Sativa genetics to create a very balanced effect that’s slightly more stoned than high.

  • Sharkbite Feminized is a Potent White Strain
  • An Extremely Stable AutoFem
  • Perfect for Small Spaces at Under 2 Feet
  • Up to 40 Grams in 9 Weeks or Less from Seed

Closets, patios, stealth, guerilla – It’s all the same to Sharkbite Feminized Cannabis Seeds. This miniature powerhouse gets the job done in record time, and she knows how to keep a secret.

Sharkbite Feminized Automatic is a turbo-charged mix of Great White Shark and Short Stuff’s best autoflowering breeding stock. A full member of the White family, Sharkbite Feminized has enough THC-laced resin to choke a horse.

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5 Seeds
Flowering Time
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Yield Notes
15 to 40 gr/seed
Height Notes
10 to 25 Inches
Sativa / Indica Mix
Flowering Time Notes
8 to 9 Weeks from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Great White Shark X Short Stuff Auto

Ready to buy Sharkbite Feminized Cannabis Seeds? With that kind of power at these kinds of prices, who could blame you? The Rhino definitely makes every 5-star marijuana seed at Rhino Seeds sound better than the last!

The Big Man never jokes about his cannabis seeds! He’s traveled the world to check out breeder after world-class breeder to offer you the widest variety of proven, high-powered strains this planet’s ever seen – or any other for that matter. Buy Sharkbite Feminized today to take advantage of his hard work!

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Sharkbite Feminized is a seductive autoflowering cannabis seed covered by the Short Stuff brand. Short Stuff Seeds works exclusively with fully automatic hybrids in both standard and feminized versions. If you’re looking for an Automatic that’ll blow your mind, make it an authentic Short Stuff weed seed!