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Amsterdam Mist thumbnail

Amsterdam Mist

Haze Mist was developed from Original Haze in order to give weight and density to the running floral clusters. Amsterdam Mist improves further by increasing the resin production and shortening flowering time through breeding with Northern Lights. Sativ
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Blueberry Skunk

The Flying Dutchmen seed bank has combined two of the cannabis community's most popular strains to create a hybrid that just can’t be beat. The Flying Dutchmen Blueberry Skunk is a rare treat, but man
Dame Blanche thumbnail

Dame Blanche

Dame Blanche is an Indica-dominant strain with a diverse Sativa background. This shining Lady is the latest refinement of the 'White' lines of cannabis - a chunky, all-female strain that's perfect
Dutch Delight thumbnail

Dutch Delight

Big Bud, Skunk [P] and Afghani come together in Dutch Delight - a solid and powerful cannabis strain that has been refined to almost pure Indica. The Netherlands is a very compact country, yet thro
Edelweiss thumbnail


Edelweiss (literally 'noble white') was named after the famous white flower which grows in the high Alps, Though the bulky Indica buds and the delicate white blooms of the mountain flower may not look
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Feminised Mix

Feminised Mix Anyone who finds it hard to choose between The Flying Dutchmen's many superb feminised strains can find the solution to their dilemma in TFD Feminised Mix. This selection contains 5 se
Flying Dragon thumbnail

Flying Dragon

An even balance of Sativa and Indica enriches Flying Dragon with the best qualities of the two psychoactive sides of the cannabis family.
G - Force thumbnail

G - Force

A feminised G-13 hybrid that's heavy in yield and super-heavy in effect - not every smoker can pull this many Gs!
Nepal Kush thumbnail

Nepal Kush

A double hash plant hybrid that stands out from the crowd due to the atypical structure of Nepali cannabis. The hash plants found all across the Hindu Kush are classic Indicas - dark and compact, used mostly for sieved hashish. Nepali charas is hand-rubbe
Power Skunk thumbnail

Power Skunk

The Skunk strains represent everything that most cannabis growers look for in a crop - vigorous, easy to grow plants that flower quickly and produce harvests of fragrant, resinous bud. Power Skunk improves the two qualities that all growers are interes
Skunk # 1 thumbnail

Skunk # 1

This is the strain that changed cannabis cultivation. The original Indica-Sativa hybrid that has astonished weed lovers for more than a quarter-century is now available as a feminised variety! The potency of this branch of the cannabis family tree is s
Skunk Classic thumbnail

Skunk Classic

An interesting and highly potent flashback to the original Skunk plants and their forebears, to a time when the Sativa elements of the famous hybrid were more pronounced. The original Skunks were bred from Afghani, Mexican and Columbian cannabis. As true-
Temple Haze thumbnail

Temple Haze

The psychedelic Sativa power of Original Haze collides with a fresh and vigorous Nepalese hash plant in Temple Haze - a cannabis hybrid with roots stretching across South America, South East Asia and the Himalayas. The bushy, resinous hash-maker's cul
Voyager thumbnail


Exotic cannabis cultivars that have travelled from the far corners of the earth come together in a hybrid that will delight the senses and set minds adrift. The powerful genotypes behind Voyager are rarely if ever seen in today's hybrids. The Sativas
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

Satisfying generations of greedy blazers, White Widow Feminized is a living legend. Filled with power, coated in crystals and delivering the effect you’ve been searching for, White Widow Feminized is destined for the cannabis Hall of Fame!
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Feminized Flying Dutchmen Cannabis Seeds at Fly-Away Prices

After going through tens of thousands of experiments, The Flying Dutchmen found the perfect feminization technique and can now offer you feminized seeds such as the world famous Skunk #1, a new twist on the classic and much loved ‘White Widow’ and perhaps the most perfect seed ever created by a human, Power Skunk.

Feminization is tricky. Many seed breeders can achieve OK results, but what we have found with Flying Dutchmen is that they are consistently perfect and produce almost miraculously excellent results every time. We actually think they might be magicians, or from the future, or maybe aliens from the future or maybe alien magicians from the future.

Rhino Seeds is always super proud to dispatch these great feminized marijuana seeds because we know just how good they are. You won’t ever be disappointed, especially when you also consider that we offer:

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