White Widow
Satisfying generations of greedy blazers, White Widow Feminized is a living legend. Filled with power, coated in crystals and delivering the effect you’ve been searching for, White Widow Feminized is destined for the cannabis Hall of Fame!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    White Widow Feminized is the founding member of the White Family and the crowning jewel of the weed world. Don’t miss this chance to get your greedy hands on the one, the only - the legend!

    This Indica-dominant hybrid is famous for her thick coating of resinous THC crystals, a lovely, shining-white appearance, massive power and a fast finish! What’s not to love about White Widow Feminized Seeds?

    • The Founding Member of the White Family – Epic!
    • 7 to 8 Week Finish – Smashing!
    • Hammer-like Stone – Potent!
    • Coated in Crystals – Super-Sticky!

    Sweet and tasty, White Widow Feminized hits you like a hammer with a powerful, relaxing effect. Combine that with the sweet flavour and aroma, and it’s no wonder that this weed seed has reached epic status in the weed world!

    Rhinos Seeds has it going on when it comes to White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds, but nothing in our warehouse looks like this. We only ship collectible merchandise. Don’t forget that it’s illegal to cultivate or germinate your new beans in the UK and almost everywhere else.

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