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AK-49 thumbnail


AK-47 is yesterday’s news! Vision Seeds’ AK-49 kicks ass with 20% THC & incredibly high yields. Smooth & mellow, AK-49 smells spicy & tastes sweet with hard, rocky nuggs & plenty of them! These cannab
AK-49 Auto thumbnail

AK-49 Auto

If you like to take it easy but crave intensity, go with AK-49 Auto! This amazing cannabis seed has all the power of the original strain, and it’s faster than a speeding bullet. Buy AK-49 Auto today f
Amnesia thumbnail


Need to take a mental vacation? Try Amnesia Cannabis Seeds! This Sativa-dominant strain has very mellow, uplifting highs that are clear & social. With 20% THC, Amnesia is definitely one to enjoy in mo
Amnesia Haze Auto thumbnail

Amnesia Haze Auto

Unforgettable Flavour, Unbelievable Power!

Amnesia Haze Auto beats most photoperiod strains hands-down. She's faster, she's stronger & she's a higher yielder. You'll love this Sativa!

  • Happy & Uplifting - A Stress-Buster
  • Sweet Flavour & Impressive Resin Content
Big Bud thumbnail

Big Bud

If you always say “Go Big or Go Home," Big Bud is your kinda weed. As one of the first commercial-grade cannabis seeds to be released to the public, Big Bud is world famous for monster-sized yields &
Blueberry Bliss Auto thumbnail

Blueberry Bliss Auto

Concentrated Fruit Flavour in 56 Days!

On average, it only takes Blueberry Bliss Auto 56 days to do her thing with brilliant blue tones, 160 gr/m2 yields & thoroughly satisfying power.

  • Blueberry X William's Wonder X Super Skunk X Auto
  • Mostly Indica for Stoned-to-the-Bone Relaxation
Cheese thumbnail


The weed world is filled with Skunky delights, but few can match the legendary Cheese. These feminized seeds are incredibly stable & very strong with a full 18% THC. Cheese is an improved version of t
Chocoloco thumbnail


Ready to Go Crazy?

If you're not careful, Chocoloco will go completely insane & fill every nick & cranny of your room. This is a high yielder, my friend, with even higher power. Get'cha some!

  • Yields Range from 450 to 900 gr/m2
  • Tastes Like Sweet Chocolate & Gooey Caramel
Crystal Queen thumbnail

Crystal Queen

Fit for Weed Royalty!

Packed with layer upon layer of sparkling crystals, Crystal Queen is the gem of the Vision Seeds kingdom delivering the absolute best in both quality & quantity.

  • Kingly Power - 20% THC
  • Massive Yields - Up to 650 gr/m2
Delhi Cheese Auto thumbnail

Delhi Cheese Auto

Happy Automatic Seeds from the Hindu Kush!

With these fully autoflowering seeds, you get full-blown Cheese flavour & aroma without any hassle. They're fast & easy but way to smelly for stealth!

  • Low THC Paired with High CBD
  • Short & Sweet - Perfect for Smaller Spaces
Jack Herer thumbnail

Jack Herer

Named for a true legend, Jack Herer is the best Sativa on the planet! The power is high, the yields are amazing & the effects are out of this world. Jack Herer is more than a famous name – it’s a hard
Lowryder thumbnail


For intense automatic power, go right to the source with Lowryder. This is the strain that started it all with extreme speed, top-rated quality & amazing ease. Lowryder is a premium mix of Williams Wo
NY Diesel thumbnail

NY Diesel

NY Diesel is way better than she sounds. This incredibly potent cannabis seed tastes just like dirty diesel fuel – in a good way. Try NY Diesel once, and she’ll spoil you for all other beans! Think we
Northern Lights thumbnail

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is like the best boo on the planet! She forgives all your mistakes, showers you with tons of sh*t & she knows exactly what you need to feel completely relaxed. Whether you’re a newbie
Northern Lights Auto thumbnail

Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights Auto is a primo choice for the true slacker! This beginner-friendly indoor strain is easier than ever now that it’s a fully autoflowering cannabis seed. Northern Lights Auto forgives a
Russian Snow thumbnail

Russian Snow

Settle in for a blizzard of power with Russian Snow! With 450 grams of icy-smooth smoke, cabin fever won’t be a problem, but you might need to shovel your way out from under this avalanche of potent d
Silver Haze thumbnail

Silver Haze

Silver Haze is hybrid perfection! This Skunk/Haze/Northern Lights combo will light your fire in an instant with strong, clear, creative Sativa highs that last for hours. Order Silver Haze seeds today
Super Skunk thumbnail

Super Skunk

If you’ve been caught in the dreaded drought, Super Skunk will easily save your entire season. This beginner-friendly cannabis seed puts out up to 600 grams of highly fragrant smoke with up to 18% THC
Super Skunk Auto thumbnail

Super Skunk Auto

Super Skunk Auto is equal opportunity weed! This autoflowering cannabis seed puts high-powered smoke in easy reach of the masses. Beginner-friendly Super Skunk Auto doesn’t need any complicated lighti
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

White Widow is a real killer with near-lethal power & enough resin to choke a horse. If you like it sticky, you’re gonna love these feminized cannabis seeds! White Widow is an Indica/Sativa hybrid wit
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Top Quality, Low Prices, 100% Feminized – It’s a Vision Seeds Triple Play!

Like most success stories, Vision Seeds started small and grew as they gained experience. When they first opened the doors of their Dutch cannabis seed shop in 1995, they were a simple reseller with one big difference – Vision Seeds always tried before they sold to ensure top quality.

This little step (that many others skip) is what Vision Seeds is all about. After evaluating hundreds of strains, this high-minded crew learned every facet of the cannabis seed trade including everything from basic genetics to the best overall smoke experience. Plus, they understand that the average stoner isn’t made of money. The Vision Seeds mantra is quality seeds at a fair price every single time!

  • Vision Seeds Has Been A Dutch Institution Since 1995
  • Offering a Wide Range of Extremely Stable, 100% Feminized Seeds
  • The Most Sought-After Names in the Cannabis Industry

What started with a dream has culminated into the best collection of proven, 100% feminized seeds that today’s market has to offer. If you’re looking for a strain with a successful track record and a 5-star standing with every major cannabis publication, go with authentic Vision Seeds!

The Vision Seeds’ brand includes an impressive array of traditional feminized seeds as well as the most advanced, fully autoflowering strains. And, you’ll instantly recognize each and every name in this stunning collection.

Whether you’re ready to get your fingers sticky with super-resinous White Widow, experience the total & complete intoxication of Indica-dominant Super Skunk or discover the ultimate in simplicity with turbo-charged AK-49 Auto, Vision Seeds delivers total & utter satisfaction fully encased in an elegant, 100% feminized cannabis seed.

Don’t Miss This Chance to Own a Bona Fide Legend - Order Your Vision Seeds Today!