Northern Lights Auto
Northern Lights Auto is a primo choice for the true slacker! This beginner-friendly indoor strain is easier than ever now that it’s a fully autoflowering cannabis seed. Northern Lights Auto forgives all your faults & still gifts you with 400 grams of powerful smoke!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • 16 to 20% THC
  • Relaxing, Narcotic Stones
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Northern Lights Auto is Slacker Weed – She’s Fast, Generous & She Forgives All Your Faults!

No need to work hard or even worry when Northern Lights Auto Feminized is on the job! These girls forgive all your mistakes & still pump out mass quantities of potent smoke in 9 weeks or less from bean.

The original NL is considered the absolute best indoor seed and a real go-to for first timers, but Northern Lights Auto Seeds is even better. Every single stoner should have at least one of these babies in their collection of 5-star cannabis seeds.

  • Northern Lights Auto is Amazing Indoors
  • Extremely Easy & Beginner Friendly
  • Just as Good as the Standard Version
  • Highly Relaxing to the Mind & the Body

Northern Lights Auto Cannabis Seeds is compact and rocky with heavy, lethargic stones that’re somewhat narcotic. They’ll relax your body, ease your mind & soothe your soul!

If you’re sneaky, Vision Seeds Northern Lights Auto could be a key part of your master plan. These stealthy marijuana seeds have a mild aroma paired with a full-bodied flavour that’s slightly pungent with a bite of sweetness. These babies know how to keep a low profile.

This description of Northern Lights Auto Cannabis Seeds was crafted using information supplied by Vision Seeds. Check out the Rhino Seeds disclaimer page to learn more.

Recommended Indoor
Flowering Time
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Yield Notes
Up to 400 gr/m2
Height Notes
100 to 130 cm
Sativa/Indica Notes
80% Indica
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
16 to 20%
Flowering Time Notes
8 to 9 Weeks Total
Average - Tall

If you’re just getting started, buy Northern Lights Auto Cannabis Seeds & look like a real master! These incredible beans hide all your mistakes while pumping out just as much smoke as their non-automatic sisters. Prepare to be stunned & amazed!

Stay on the right side of the law after you buy Northern Lights Auto so that you can fully enjoy your new cannabis seeds. Avoid germination & cultivation at all costs. To learn more about the Rhino Seeds policy, check out our disclaimer page.

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • 16 to 20% THC
  • Relaxing, Narcotic Stones

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Northern Lights Auto is an extremely easy cannabis seed offered by the Vision Seed Company. The Vision Seeds brand is famous for reselling the world’s best strains, but they finally put their knowledge to full use to create their own brilliant line of 5-star marijuana seeds. Discover the difference top-rated quality can make with genuine Vision Seeds. Order yours today!