Delhi Cheese Auto
Delhi Cheese Auto delivers authentic Cheese smells & flavours in just 12 short weeks from seed. No tedious lighting changes are needed, no endless waits are required and they won't take up much space. What you will need is a buttload of odour control - these fully automatic beauties put out the stink like no other!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • Authentic Cheese Genetics
  • Critical Impact Yields
  • 75% Indica with High CBD
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

A Divine Indica-Dominant Autoflowering Seed with High CBD

If you measure the worth of your stash by how much it stinks, Delhi Cheese Automatic will be more than worth its weight in gold! These fully autoflower seeds are fast, they're productive, but most of all, they smell exactly like funky Cheese. They're short enough for the smallest spaces but definitely not a candidate for stealth.

  • Delhi Cheese Auto Finishes in 12 Weeks from Seed
  • Average Yields = 160 gr/m2
  • Moderate THC (12%) with High CBD
  • Cheese X Critical Impact X Ruderalis

With moderate THC levels (12%) and high CBD ratings, Vision Seeds Delhi Cheese Auto has some medicinal properties. In other words, this cannabis seed cuts through stress & bad moods like a hot knife through fresh cannabutter!

Delhi Cheese Auto Seeds finish in about 12 weeks from the time they crack with yields that average around 160 gr/m2. They generally stay under 50 cm with max height set at 200, and they're good to go inside, outside or in greenhouses. Enjoy!

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Order Your Delhi Cheese Auto Seeds Now - & Get a Noseful!

NB: A Delhi Cheese Auto grow might sound fantastic, but it won't be if you get caught. Germination & cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK, illegal in most other countries & strictly prohibited by Rhino Seeds. We only sell collectible souvenirs.

Recommended Indoor
Flowering Time
Thc Level
Medium : 8 - 15%
Yield Notes
160 gr/m2
Height Notes
50 to 200 cm
Sativa/Indica Notes
75% Indica: 25% Sativa
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
Flowering Time Notes
12 Weeks from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Cheese X Critical Impact X Ruderalis
Short - Average
Medical Notes
Stress & Mood
High CBD

Delhi Cheese Auto was created by combining genuine Cheese genetics with the high-yielding Critical Impact & one of the best Ruderalis strains on the planet. The results are outstanding with incredible vigour & a very rapid 12 week finish from seed. You will not be disappointed in your results!

The THC level is only moderate at 12%, but the CBD is considered high. Whether you need a little wake-and-bake or daytime herb that won't knock you out, this is an outstanding choice. Delhi Cheese Auto is mostly up & happy with just the right touch of euphoria - perfect for stress relief & mood lifts.

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • Authentic Cheese Genetics
  • Critical Impact Yields
  • 75% Indica with High CBD

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Delhi Cheese Auto is another fine autoflowering seed from the Vision Seeds brand. When shopping for the best automatic genetics at the lowest prices possible, you simply can't go wrong with the Vision Seeds brand. They also have a wide selection of fully feminized photoperiod strains & hybrids. Order yours today!