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Afgan Kush Ryder AKA Afghan Kush Automatica thumbnail

Afgan Kush Ryder AKA Afghan Kush Automatica

This plant has been developed maintaining Indica genotype with autosomic gene responsible of autoflowering response. World of Seeds advice uses of high power lamp of dual spectra (grow and bloom) and
Afghan Kush Ryder Feminised Autoflowering thumbnail

Afghan Kush Ryder Feminised Autoflowering

Comes from the mountainous system of Hindu Kush (north of Afganistan). Another pure landrace indica Kush, grows wild in the valleys of Armu Darya river that border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. I
Afghan Kush Special thumbnail

Afghan Kush Special

Another pure land race Indica Kush, it grows wild in the valleys of Armu Darya. It's a very stable variety (almost 100% indica) and probably has been the fruit of successives crossbacks between wild v
Afghan Kush X Black Domina thumbnail

Afghan Kush X Black Domina

This mostly indica strain gate in the top genetic dowry especially as regards the production of resin and the bouquet of the harvest. Expect an excellent crop in terms of quality and quantity, but giv
Afghan Kush X Skunk thumbnail

Afghan Kush X Skunk

Afghan Kush X Skunk is a sure winner from World of Seeds, she flowers in a extremely fast 45 days.
Afghan Kush X White Widow thumbnail

Afghan Kush X White Widow

Blindingly strong, Afghan Kush X White Widow Feminized is coated in a reflective layer of shining white crystals. Put on your shades and enjoy the beauty and power of Afghan Kush X White Widow Feminiz
Afghan Kush x Yumbolt thumbnail

Afghan Kush x Yumbolt

Afghan Kush x Yumboldt forms part of the World of seeds medical collection - this is an 100% indica strain thats a very resilient and hardy plant!
Amnesia Feminized thumbnail

Amnesia Feminized


Amnesia from World of Seeds, a stabilized cross of Skunk, Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer. This is a very high quality strain from the World of Seeds Diamond Line.

Mostly Sativa.
Brazil Amazonia Feminised thumbnail

Brazil Amazonia Feminised

Brazilian indicas come from Amazon forest. Very vigorous and leafy, growing wild in the jungle. It is cropped by natives who use it like a medicine for alleviating pain in women during childbirth.
Chronic Haze thumbnail

Chronic Haze

This new hybrid offered by World of Seeds is a hot combination of two of the most famous cannabis varieties in the world: Chronic and Haze. With more than 20 percent THC, a fairly even Indica to Sativ
Delirium Feminized thumbnail

Delirium Feminized

Female: Mazar i Sarif. Stabilized male hybrid: Black Domina + Jack Herer
Domina Star thumbnail

Domina Star


High Tension thumbnail

High Tension

The female of this mostly sativa High Tension is Colombian Mangobiche and the stabilized male hybrid is Orange Bud + Black Domina + Jack Herer .
Indica Diamond Collection thumbnail

Indica Diamond Collection

World of Seeds impressive Indica's all come together in their magnificent Indica Diamond Collection, each strain is individually labelled for your connivence.
Ketama Seeds thumbnail

Ketama Seeds

Is a powerful indica come from lancestrain without hybridization, it has soon harvest and a lot of resin and seems very resistant to plagues.
Kilimanjaro thumbnail


Kilimanjaro is a PURE and EARLY maturing Sativa that comes all the way from the hillsides of the Kilimanjaro in Kenya and it stands above the rest for its pleasant taste and powerful effect.
Madness thumbnail


Female: South of Brazil Stabilized male hybrid: Cinderela 99 + Matanuska tundra
Mazar Kush thumbnail

Mazar Kush

Mazar Kush has a stupidly high THC level, I mean 20% man...World of Seeds feminized is an astonishing fast growing indica bred from Pure Afgan Kush Stabilized male and New Mazar Line.
Mazar X Great White Shark thumbnail

Mazar X Great White Shark

Take two award wining strains, cross them and you have a legend! Thats exactly what the breeders at world of seeds were thinking when the developed Mazar X Great White Shark. She has a killer THC and
Mazar X White Rhino thumbnail

Mazar X White Rhino

Mazar crossed White Rhino is the perfect recipe for an award winning strain - she is a mostly indica strain that does equally well outdoors as she performs indoors.
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