CBD Mass

Branch-Breaking Yields - Medical-Grade Smoke

Medicinal seed collectors know that volume is just as key to success as an extra-high CBD rating. That's why Critical Mass is the smart choice! This cannabis seed offers branch-breaking bulk paired with a full 8% CBD, sugary sweet flavours & a pleasant aroma that enhances the overall experience. P.S., it's great for mild recreation, too!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Medical Grade - 8% CBD
  • 80% Indica - Physical
  • Sweet as Honey
  • Smooth, Complex Aroma
  • Free shipping and seeds
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    Great for Oils & Extracts - Indica & CBD Rich!

    Ultra sticky & high yielding, Advanced Female Seeds CBD Mass packs on both the weight & the crystals as the end approaches. This Indica-dominant cannabis seed is shockingly fast with an 8-week finish, but don't let this one sneak up on you. She's stacked on top with branch-breaking colas. Extra support isn't a suggestion - it's a strict requirement!

    • CBD Mass Flowering Time = 8 Weeks
    • Gets Very Top Heavy - 500 gr/m2
    • Amazing Flavour - Sweet Like Honey
    • Multi-Layered Aroma - Decadent

    Best of all for medical seed fans, CBD Mass Seeds have the highly coveted 1:1 CBD to THC ratio everyone's looking for. Percentages can range from 6 to 8% each on average depending on how you dial them in, but overall, these 100% feminized seeds are very stable with practically no variation from bean to bean.

    Take note that this Indica is no couchlocker, it won't get you f**king wasted & it won't make you trip balls. What CBD Mass will do is ease your physical aches & pains without adding any anxiety, stress or paranoia to your life, because who needs that? It's even perfect for lightweight recreational collectors. Enjoy!

    Grab your CBD Mass Seeds Today & Discover the Difference!

    NB: Almost everyone is curious about what the high-CBD craze is all about, but don't let that get the best of you. A CBD Mass grow would be illegal in the UK & many other places - Rhino Seeds only sells cannabis seeds for collection, novelty & souvenir purposes. No germination allowed!

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Thc Level ? Low : < 8%
    Cannabis Genetics Critical Mass X CBD
    Flowering Time ? 8-9 weeks
    THC notes 8%
    CBD 8%
    Medical ? Yes
    Yield ? Good
    Yield Notes 500 gr/m2
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    CBD Mass is a CBD-dominant weed seed created by the Advanced Female Seeds brand. This Spanish company has a wide selection of 100% feminized and fully automatic seeds of the highest quality, and they've now added a medical line. For the absolute best genetics, make your next purchase genuine Advanced Female Seeds. You won't be sorry!