Bola Mintz®

Extremely high THC content

Bola Mintz was created in a complex and extensive breeding project and contains the genetics of the Triangle Mints and Ebola # 7. Both varieties are characterized by their extremely high THC content and so we have set to work to select the strongest parent plants from them. We finally crossed these and developed the Bola Mintz.
  • Triangle Mints x Ebola # 7.
  • 34% + THC
  • strawberries, melons and grapes with a slight hint of mint
  • 9-10 weeks Flowering
  • large resin production
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Bola Mintz®
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To be honest, the strain blows our minds, not only because of its pervasive powerful effects and seductive aromas, but also because of its wonderful, abundant, bold buds. The buds are compact and drown under a thick layer of resin crystals. Towards the end of the flowering period, the flowers increase in volume and pump themselves into large, sweet-smelling bud balls.

Under good conditions and sufficient light, the plants produce high yields with a massive THC content of 34% +. This and a special combination of other cannabinoids and terpenes create a very strong and complex high. The high creates a psychoactive, highly relaxing effect that affects the body and mind. Your senses go crazy, you suddenly develop countless new ideas and positive energy. At the same time, you experience a force of physical effects that completely relax you and give you an idea of weightlessness.

The scent of the flowers is reminiscent of a candy store and the taste is sweet, soft and like a cocktail of strawberries, melons and grapes with a slight hint of mint. Bola Mintz is a premium variety that offers an immersive experience and delivers the highest quality yields. Because of its large resin production and wonderful aroma, it is ideal for making high quality concentrates.

The plants of this variety grow quickly and can hardly be stopped. Indoor they do well with growing techniques like SCROG or SOG. In a flowering period of 9-10 weeks, heavy flowers with a fascinatingly large resin production arise.

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Cannabis Genetics Triangle Mints x Ebola # 7
THC notes 34% +
Flavour strawberries, melons and grapes with a slight hint of mint
Greenhouse ? Yes

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